Overview of The Major Chord – Lesson 8

About Overview of The Major Chord – Lesson 8

Level: Beginner

Overview of The Major Chord – Lesson 8

In this lesson, we explain how the Major triad is constructed from a Major scale.

Syn’s Tips

Chords are the foundation of music. I am more obsessed with chords than I am with soloing because I feel that great chords give you the best opportunity for writing solos, be it vocally or on guitar. Also, studying the chords, or Harmony, of a piece of music can give you great ideas for playing solos or writing your vocal lines or Melodies because by design, they contain the most correct sounding notes to build off of.

Share with us some cool chords in the "Lesson Comments" section below. This is where even beginners have a great opportunity to share with us some great insight, especially if your demonstrations come from songwriting, or Composition as we like to call it!

Lesson Comments

Craig Hawley
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Craig Hawley Considering I've been playing a while (not very well) and mainly self taught this is a mini revelation to me. Glad I started again at the beginners section.
Matthew Davenport
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Matthew Davenport lol same
Julian Barton
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Julian Barton This is amazing! Playing for 6 years self taught and I never thought "How does one construct a chord?" just kind of played them. I am with Craig I am glad I started at the beginning.
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