Overview of the Pentatonic 3-2 Solo Pattern – Lesson 69

About Overview of the Pentatonic 3-2 Solo Pattern – Lesson 69

Level: Intermediate

Overview of the Pentatonic 3-2 Solo Pattern – Lesson 69

In this lesson we spread the Pentatonic scale out over the length of the fretboard.

Syn’s Tips

This is a very cool lick to get ya movin around the fretboard really fast!

Try applying these to all of the pentatonic positions so no matter which one you’re in, you can break out and move around with ease! This takes time but it is crucial in order to develop fast and fluid movement around the fretboard.

For all you crazy kids out there, you can apply this concept to any scale or mode and I would strongly recommend doing so. It’s very easy to get stuck playing in single positions or boxes and the earlier you work on moving comfortably up and down the fretboard, the much better off you’ll be down the road.

Remember, Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect, Perfect Practice Does!

Share with us what you come up with in the "Lesson Comments" section below.

Lesson Comments

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Chris Strohman
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Chris Strohman Very useful! Makes soloing a lot easier if you practice this. But I got a question that’s been nagging me forever, what note is Syn pinch harmonic-ing in the live version of unholy confessions? I need to know
Oleh Olkhovskiy
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Oleh Olkhovskiy Thank you for the lesson, very useful !!! only I did not understand how to apply this to all the modes and positions of the pentatonic