Overview of The Pentatonic Scale – Lesson 20

About Overview of The Pentatonic Scale – Lesson 20

Level: Beginner

Overview of The Pentatonic Scale – Lesson 20

In this lesson we introduce you to the Holy Grail of rock soloing – the Pentatonic scale.

Syn’s Tips

THE most popular scale used in Rock, Pop, Metal, Blues, Jazz, and more!

Practice alternate picking to the Metronome .

A metronome is a tool used to keep perfect time at whatever pace or “tempo” you prefer much like a clock if you could adjust the speed at which the seconds change. This is a MUST if you want to achieve a good sense of time and feel. Trust me, you will be spotted from a mile away and lose many gigs if you don’t have good feel and there is no other way to achieve this.

Lesson Comments

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Chris Rios
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Chris Rios So the 5th fret of the 6th string is A. Shouldn't it be called A minor pent? Or is if called C minor because that's the major chord that makes the C pent scale?
Shahryar Khan
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Shahryar Khan Is there a preferred amount of time for which I can practice a scale before I move on to the next one? And a specific tempo as well?
Christian Beam
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Christian Beam Really loving playing again. Just got a washburn from a pawn shop a few days ago and am loving every bit of it. How exactly is this supposed to be structured, ive been just adding a couple lessons and playing all the previous lessons each day. Basically just a hour or so a day for now just untill my fingers are tougher again. Thanks for these guys it is a way better method for learning than the self taught method i did during my childhood.
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