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Pentatonic III

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Lesson by: Synyster Gates
3-1-3 Groups in D minor (4th Mode - minor b6)

Syn's tips

3-1-3’s are patterns that maximize economy picking without repeating notes as we did in the first two Etudes. The numbers represent how many notes are played per string. The pattern starts on the first set of three strings starting on the E string and finishes with a pivot to repeat the pattern starting on the A string then on to the next set of strings.

I personally use this so much in my playing as it really helps me to maximize the use of small spaces on the fretboard. Being able to shred in a “tiny box’ on the fretboard is just as important to me as being able to travel quickly across the fretboard.

These patterns work for all scales so make sure you apply them in a multitude of situations.

If you need help, head to the Discussion Thread above and ask questions. We are all here to help and learn.
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Pentatonic III
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