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Pentatonic Minor – Bm – Lesson 35

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In this lesson we show you how to find the “relative minor” of a major key and how to use the Pentatonic scale in minor.

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The beauty of this is that everything you’ve learned about the major CAGED pentatonic scale is completely applicable for minor, the shape names are just offset by one.

For example, when your playing your D major chord in the “C” shape, the “A” shape of the B minor uses the same pentatonic scale in the same position. We just refer to it as the “C” shape pentatonic in major, and the “A” shape pentatonic in minor but they’re the EXACT same notes! That’s because they are in the same key, the key of D major.

Now, for all you elitists out there, you can also think of D major as the key of B minor but that’s if you are playing more of a minor sound resolving mostly back to B minor. Don’t let that confuse anyone, we will get more into that later, just focus on the fact that they share the same notes, therefore you can play the same pentatonic shapes.

Help each other out by uploading videos to the "Discussion Thread". Don’t be afraid to ask questions no matter how silly they seem. The more we know how to help you learn the better this place will be!

Seriously, my favorite thing to do in life right now is to “Ask Smart People Stupid Questions”!
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The CAGED System & Minor Keys
Pentatonic Minor – Bm – Lesson 35
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