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Pentatonic XI

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Lesson by: Synyster Gates
4 Note Groups Vertically and Horizontally in A minor

Syn's tips

I love passages or runs that utilize “Groups” because it produces a consistency in faster playing that that the listener can really grasp ahold of. This is very popular in Jazz and Fusion. A great example of 4 Note Groups can be found in the classic John Coltrane tune, Giant Steps.

One thing I love to do with 4 Note Groups is to “displace” them by playing them in triplets. This is how I begin the Etude and it can really add a uniqueness to this pattern by eliminating predictability without abandoning the continuity or “anchor” that Groups really add to your faster runs /passages.

This is not easy, especially when you begin your journey towards Rhythmic Displacement, so please, be very patient with these. They may seem impossible at first but you WILL get them and they are very much worth the time and effort.

Let us help! Head to the Discussion Thread above and share your insights, experiences, and troubles.
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Pentatonic XI
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