String Skipping Exercises – Lesson 44

About String Skipping Exercises – Lesson 44

Level: Intermediate

String Skipping Exercises – Lesson 44

In this lesson we go over basic string skipping techniques.

Syn’s Tips

Even with the few examples Papa Gates shows us, you can see how much more musical this technique makes a potentially boring scale sound!

Try playing these exercises to the backing tracks located in the “content” menu of the lesson player. Try incorporating other licks as well blending the new with the old.

The only way to get these down or “grooved in” is to cycle through all of the exercises you’ve learned while playing to the backing tracks. It’s important to add all of your embelishments, style techniques, and picking exercises to each solo you practice. The more you leave one out, the less it’ll be grooved simply because, “If you don’t use it, you lose it!”

Lesson Comments

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Eva Den Hartog
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Eva Den Hartog Anyone tips on how to mute the previous string? When I play the patterns going down I can't mute them as well as when I'm going up. I tend to make it a kind of pulloff and then the string keeps ringing when I go to the next.
Ezequiel Romanko
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Ezequiel Romanko i can't find the backing tracks
Veronica Bodescu
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Veronica Bodescu Cool lesson! Aren't there some more exercises for string skipping? I'd like to practice that often because every song in which it is used gets a bit tricky
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