Sweep Picking 1 – Lesson 79

About Sweep Picking 1 – Lesson 79

Level: Advanced

Sweep Picking 1 – Lesson 79

An Introduction to Sweep Picking.


Syn’s Tips

This is a great exercise and you should apply this to all of your Arpeggios!

Practice this to a metronome slowly at first especially if this technique is new to you because you really don’t want to groove in any bad habits!

Share with the class, all of your unique applications of this exercise in the "Lesson Comments" section below so we can all learn from you! I love this stuff and can’t wait to check you all out!

Lesson Comments

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Samuel Haselhurst
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Samuel Haselhurst Anyone got any tips on the hammer on, my thumb keeps hitting the G string when resting my pick against the b string which causes a horrible noise.
Dominick Bosson
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Dominick Bosson Try making your movement between strings just a little bit slower, I sometimes have the same issue, but it is definitely something that you can overcome. Just make the movement a little bit slower, and sort of repeat that pattern, and after all of that, increase the pace as you play more and more.
Zachary Virga
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Zachary Virga The part where you have to hammer on from 5 to 7 on the G string and then sweep the 8th on the B string is causing me a lot of issues. I cannot seem to get that correct.
James Vallis
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James Vallis I find this lesson so really helpful but I am struggling to get the hang of sweep picking.
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