Sweep Picking 2 – Lesson 80

About Sweep Picking 2 – Lesson 80

Level: Advanced

Sweep Picking 2 – Lesson 80

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Syn’s Tips

This should keep you busy for a while ;)

The only thing that I'll add to the exercise is this- After you get the ascending and descending exercises down, try to skip around a little bit. For example, in C major, you'd start with the C major arp and then skip the D minor arp and go to the E minor arp and then back to the D minor arp, the F major, then E minor again, then G major, and so on and so forth.

Bonus points for anyone who uploads a video demonstrating this exercise in the "Lesson Comments" section below!

Lesson Comments

Ben Holsclaw
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Ben Holsclaw This is a skill that I've always wanted to learn but over the years never really knew how to get started. After logging a couple of hours working on this exercise I've seen some pretty rapid improvement! Now it's up to me to put the work in! This is great stuff!
Ben Holsclaw
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Ben Holsclaw OK six days of hitting this a bit every day and I'm starting to see some significant improvement over where I started. Still some cleanup going on but here's a link to where I am with it: #038;feature=youtu.be" rel="nofollow" class="um-link" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiZ-rQ_82JI&feature=youtu.be Thanks again for providing these lessons!
Donnie Keeney
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Donnie Keeney Awesome progress Ben! It took me A LOT longer than a few days to get where you are.
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