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Sweep Picking 4 – Lesson 82

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In this lesson we teach you one of Syn’s favorite Sweep licks.

Syn's tips

I used this lick for many solos but probably the one that I use it the most on would have to be a song from City of Evil called ”The Wicked End”.

Be creative and apply this to other arpeggios you know. All you have to do is take a chord, then find the extra notes on the 1st and 6th string that allow you change directions or perform the Turnaround.

This at fast speeds sounds incredibly difficult but truthfully it is not! Just start slow and play to a metronome and you will be blazing at lightning speed in no time!

I’d really love to hear what other arpeggios you guys apply to this lick so please share with us and upload a video of you shredding to the "Discussion Thread" below!
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Introduction to Sweep Picking
Sweep Picking 4 – Lesson 82
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