Sweep Picking II

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Level: Syn's Etudes

Sweep Picking II

Syn’s Tips

Head to the Comments section below to discuss and share videos of yourselves applying this to different Scales and Chord Progressions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Jack Migala
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Jack Migala Thank you so much Syn to you and your Father for creating these amazing videos. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of content and degree of professional work that has gone into making these lessons - which are all free of charge! Going through even just a few of them has left me truly inspired. It will be exciting to see the insane amounts of creativity that will no doubt pour out from those part of this wonderful community. Thanks again!
Syn Gates
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Syn Gates That means the world to me and I feel the same way! This is only the beginning
Patrick Carty
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Patrick Carty The site looks better then i could have imagined! so much information!! filling in all those gaps that youtube has left me without. Cant wait to see my progress in the next year!!
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