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Tapping I

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Head to the Comments section below to discuss and share videos of yourselves applying this to different Scales and Chord Progressions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Joshua Fittler
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Joshua Fittler I’ve always found it difficult to move both hands during a fast tap section without it sounding muddy heading to the next set of frets, are their any tips anyone can give to try and make it seem more natural?
Jake Young
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Jake Young It may be an obvious answer but...slow it down to a painfully slow speed and try to analyze what could be making it sound that way when you are moving across frets. Something that helps me is to make a sort of hammer on/pull off exercise of my own to focus on the problem areas with the left do that until you wash off the mud then add the right back in another tip that's stuck with me is "if you can't play it slow..you can't play it fast" I think slowing it down and slowly building the speed at a comfortable speed with a metronome is key.
Julian Barton
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Julian Barton Any advice on cleaning up the slides at the end there? I can't seem to get it to sound quite as nice as he does.
Zé Marques
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Zé Marques Like always, slow it down until you can visualize where your hand needs to be before it happens. When I tried to play the intro from The Stage, this was I main problem. I had a hard time visualizing the jump the hand does until I played it at like 30% of the normal speed (I still can't play it at full speed, but I'll get there. I hope)
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