Tapping II

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Tapping II

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Head to the Comments section below to discuss and share videos of yourselves applying this to different Scales and Chord Progressions. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Nate Minedew
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Nate Minedew Question when you create tapping licks do you view them as arpeggios or would you view them in a more modal sense? For example in this tapping lick the first three notes make an e minor arpeggio but you could also see it as though your left hand is in an e aeolian position and you right hand is tapping where a Dorian would be. Im curious how you would view it in a more creative sense. I feel like it makes more sense context wise to think of it as an arpeggio but visually it is easier to view it modaly on the fretboard. Thanks!
Regi Teopy
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Regi Teopy When playing the lick, generally many players (like me) would view it as an arpeggio. Because it's played one note after the other, then another, then another. It's not wrong that you can view it in a modal sense. If you may want to practice your theory a bit, then why not! Cheers and hope I helped, pardner 🙂
Julian Barton
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Julian Barton I finally almost have this up to speed. I can't believe that Syn's slow version is still way to fast for me when I started this. lol.