The C Major Scale – Lesson 9

About The C Major Scale – Lesson 9

Level: Beginner

The C Major Scale – Lesson 9

A look at the notes that make up a Major scale in the key of C. (C D E F G A B)

Syn’s Tips

Try and memorize this so we can start discussing the endless possibilities that this fundamental key to music has to offer!

Share with us your tips on how to memorize and play this scale in the "Lesson Comments" section below!

Lesson Comments

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Dan Shipway
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Dan Shipway I have heard and seen Roman numerals for notating chord progressions and I think i have an idea of what it means but i just wanted to check. If it was 1 4 5 2, would you take those notes from the major scale and use “major minor major major minor diminished” to dictate what type of chord to play?
Dan Shipway
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Dan Shipway Major minor minor major major minor diminished*
Raymond Sanchez
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Raymond Sanchez wait a minute, this is the scale that Bob Marley used in the intro to Redemption song,
Abhishek Raj
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Abhishek Raj i never imagined of learning guitar from legends like you guys
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