The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

About The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

Level: Beginner

The Guitar Fretboard Layout – Lesson 6

An explanation of how the guitar fretboard is setup in relationship to the chromatic scale.

Syn’s Tips

This lesson is to simply introduce you to the fretboard. Don't worry about having to know all of the notes before you can play guitar. I only knew about a third of the notes on the fretboard until a few years ago.

The main thing is to have fun! You will be introduced to a lot of material that you don't necessarily need right now or care to learn maybe even ever and That's OK! Our main objective is to introduce you to all of the skills that make you a well rounded player but there are a lot of great players out there that don't need or simply do not care about every single aspect of the guitar. You may only like to play chords and write music. You may only want to play the Blues or Heavy Metal. Whatever it is, just enjoy the process and remember, you can always come back to this stuff and in fact, I suggest that you do because all of this information can slowly be forgotten over time.

Hang out in the "Lesson Comments" section below and if you have any cool exercises or games that you use to learn the Fretboard, please upload a video so we can check em out!

Lesson Comments

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Tereza Kozikova
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Tereza Kozikova Sometimes I forget Synyster is not some guitar god but still human who learns it too. Syn, thank you, I appreciate your tip. I'm surprised that such a great guitarist is still in progress and you are so open to us. I've always thought that I need to know every single note on the fretboard to become good guitar player. Now I know nothing is impossible. Thank you!
Damien Kivlehan
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Damien Kivlehan I've been playing guitar for 15 years and I know nothing at all about the theory!! I Don't even know the notes on the fret board. This school has inspired me to start from scratch, finally having a structure to follow after years of getting lost in YouTube videos and books is really exciting. Any advice or help any of the community here can give me would be greatly appreciated!!
Conor Mason
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Conor Mason Excellent Lesson guys! Great breakdown and tips on how to get to know the fretboard. I've found tab helps with reading music and ear training will help even further as it always forced me to really figure out where someone was playing at on the neck. A favorite thing I like to do is actually try to play and tab out some of my favorite horn pieces, especially sax players. Really gets the brain going! Great stuff as always.
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