The Major Scale – Lesson 7

About The Major Scale – Lesson 7

Level: Beginner

The Major Scale – Lesson 7

Our first look at how to build a Major scale.

Syn’s Tips

The major scale is the foundation in which 99% of music is built off of and related to.

It is crucial to developing both your soloing and chordal knowledge.

I consider these primary colors in which millions of other colors are built off of.

Share with us your thoughts on the Major Scale in the "Lesson Comments" section below. I'll be there hanging out as well!

Lesson Comments

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Kylie Sepulveda
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Kylie Sepulveda I came here with 0 knowledge of how to play, and I can say I already feel more confident practicing guitar thanks to these videos. Syn and Papa Gates, you guys are doing an amazing job with these lessons. 1. I really like the small but important details that are being explained like not letting your guitar weigh down your arm. 2. I love how laid back and accepting Papa Gates is of how other guitarists in other music styles hold their picks, their fingers, and their whole guitar. I think it's a little uppity when teachers dismiss certain things and say "don't do it the way rock stars do"
Kylie Sepulveda
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Kylie Sepulveda When you do explain the "right" way of doing things, you explain why it's important and for which styles so that way it doesn't feel like "oh everyone famous is wrong for not being classically trained" Syn's tips have been a cool read too.
Carol Seeds
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Carol Seeds I think I'm going to have to watch this 500,000 times before I get it. But I'm up for the challenge I do believe!
Ahad Akbarabadi
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