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The Phrygian Dominant Scale - Lesson 102

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Lesson by: Brian Haner Sr.

Syn's tips

I use this scale SO much in ALL of my playing, be it for Avenged, Gypsy, Classical, or other types of Jazz. It is as important to me as the Major scale so I suggest that you spend a lot of time with this and as suggested by Papa Gates, learn this in all of the 7 positions as well as learning your arpeggios(Hint, you can find them in the chord diagrams in the previous lesson;) and then go and practice it all over the backing tracks to really make it familiar and comfortable.

Share your unique application of this brilliant scale with us all by uploading videos of yourselves to the "Lesson Comments" section below. You can also upload videos of areas you're having trouble with so we can help you figure them out! You can also just hang out and discuss this stuff, just really try and get involved because it really helps you to learn better AND faster!
Harmonic Minor
The Phrygian Dominant Scale - Lesson 102
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