Two New Chords – E & Am – Lesson 13

About Two New Chords – E & Am – Lesson 13

Level: Beginner

Two New Chords – E & Am – Lesson 13

In this lesson we introduce you to two more chords – E & Am, and delve into more intricate strumming patterns.

Syn’s Tips

These are two very classic chords. I use these all of the time and they are "Must Know" chords. Try stringing chords together one after another that you know now and apply different Strumming Patterns to start exploring different grooves so you can begin to start writing your own music! Change the order or Sequence of chords to experiment with how they work together. They will sound 100% different depending on what order they're in because they will be Functioning differently. More on that later.

Upload videos of yourself playing different Chord Sequences, commonly referred to as Chord Progressions, to the "Lesson Comments" section below and don't be afraid to ask questions, we are all here to help!

Lesson Comments

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Bruce Knoll
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Bruce Knoll Hey Brian - Great stuff. Very much appreciated. Quick questions. What strings are you using on your guitar in the videos and what amp are you using to get that great sound?
Carol Seeds
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Carol Seeds I am really started to become more comfortable with this layout. I can look at the written music and the tab simultaneously and actually have a decent idea of what I am looking at. This really is working!
Nathan Kennedy
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Nathan Kennedy These lessons are so helpful! Although sometimes the chords are a little hard to play, these videos help me learn techniques to get better at them!
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