*i do not own rights to this music. All rights to respective owners* Using backing track with vocals from YouTube. 2018 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Seymour...
Instagram: simoneichingerx Gear: - ESP E-II Horizon - Boss SD-1 - Marshall JVM410H Backing track by William Jacobsen:
AF 050620 Calling On The Phone
Listen to AF 050620 Calling On The Phone by Andrew Fernandes #np on #SoundCloud song im working on
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Yesterday I posted my first day of working on pentatonic VI. This is day 2. I'd estimate I spent 45 -50 minutes yesterday and about 40 minutes today before shooting this video. A lot of times I will let myself learn it up to speed a little sloppy and once my hands are use to the speed THEN I will back down to 60 or 70% and really focus on perfecting it. And then slowly work up to 85 or 90 over time and then drop back down to maybe 80% and eventually I'll get it to 100%.
This is 150 BPM. It sounds annoying but is great for alt picking! Now just to get this speed perfect!
Bill Hudson has teached me so much its unbelievable! I'm so happy @[5:@Jak Angelescu] took the time to tell me what he was like as a teacher and person and it didn't disappoint! heres an exercise.... start with one key, i.e, C, and go down the first major scale and up the next and keep going till you get back to the first one after the 12th fret, now go BACKWARDS along another key and repeat! I went c, to G , to E. It's tough. I'm doing 130BPM at 2 notes per beat. It's a work in progress but i find its real fun!
I played around with some ideas and came up with this. This is my first test how it would sound up to speed to the backing track. I haven't practiced it enough yet, so there are a lot of hiccups and some wrong notes. But I have a good idea on how this might sound like once more polished. What do you guys think? @[398:@Filip Tomiša]
I started to learn this awhile back and it was too difficult so I gave up. But I’m trying again. Question : as you see I am kind of “flicking” two strings....I remember awhile back reading about and seeing a video for this but cannot remember what this is called! Does anyone know ? It’s like, since the strings are beside each other, instead of finger picking them individually I’m doing a little flick.
Kinda nailed it, kinda butchered it, I'm not too sure myself. Also Dancing Dead is probably my favourite A7X song
✝️DRAGON BALL Z - Cha-La Head Cha-La (Opening theme)✝️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⚠️ ⬇️GEAR USED⬇️ 🎸Synyster Gates Autographed Guitar Satin Goldburst Custom S with Sustainiac and...
Hey! A while ago Jak said I should make a video teaching my process and techniques of learning Syn's Etudes (Great Fun!). So I decided to post a day by day series of what my learning process looks like and hopefully it encourages you guys! Not everyone can sight read Syn's etudes at full speed like he presumably does (Not fair!). So this is for anybody who feels intimidated or thinks an etude may be too hard to learn. Don't be afraid of it! Give it a try..start slow and document your progress daily. I know I post a lot of mine but all you see is the finished doesn't start that way. So give one a try if you don't already use them...I would say 25-40% of my guitar playing is Syn's etudes because I'm a huge believer in mastering fundamental guitar techniques! Obviously it's important to work on playing songs to help with palm muting and playing riffs, which combines 1 or more of these FUNdamental techniques to make beautiful music! Let me know what you think!!
D Major Jam
Hey guys. So I haven't posted here in a while, and I'm going to tell you why. I lost motivation. And this wasn't the typical "Eh, I don't feel like playing right now". I was in a rut. My dream/goal is to be a professional musician. To be part of a successful band and write amazing music that makes people headbang and cry and have fun. Well, I've become increasingly aware that while I have been practicing for the past year on the school, I was doing a couple of things wrong. 1. I haven't been taking any tangible action towards actually writing music. So now that I'm starting to, I'm writing cliche stuff and find myself stuck in dead ends. 2. Despite being on the school for over a year, I had to swallow the giant, shit-flavored pill that I rushed through the content. I treated it as a race, trying to get to the end as fast as possible. Obviously, that didn't do much for me. I still learned a good amount, but I had to admit to myself that my impatience got the better of me. (Cont. below)
Hi all, here is a video of me practising on palm muting. Ive got some advice here lately and im practising on it. Is the mute ok now, or is it maybe too soft, should I pick muted note harder? Any other advice is welcome! Thanks for watching
There is so much that Bill has taught me. And there is one amazing thing that finally sank in; actually a couple of them, that I can't wait to share with you. First thing is the chord training where I had to find chords knowing the notes. Then I had to improvise over the chords using those shapes. Then I wrote a little riff. The end is me STILL struggling doing the scales up and down the neck. I left my mistakes in. I slow down to try to find myself😂😂
Brown, mid gain. Would you be able to let me know which of these two is better for the collab please ?
Firstly, sorry for the delay 😊 I decided to do the blues verse as it hadn't been done by many, I came up with an original part taking some inspiration from whay Ids had put together. Hope you like it.
I learned a little bit more! I don't think anyone knows how hard I rock this song. When I listen to this song, so do the neighbor's cows😂 Bill starts the solo section tomorrow!
I’ve really been drawn to my acoustic lately. Probably because I’ve played my electric so much. I don’t practice as often as I should and sometimes I like to just not focus on a particular lesson but just strum some chords and see what happens. For me that is FUN, and I am practicing I guess in a sense. This is just me randomly trying different chords and strumming patterns and seeing what comes out.