Avenged Sevenfold 2020 Style Backing Track
Heavily influenced by City of Evil, Self Titled, Nightmare and Hail To The King album. Enjoy it! You can use it for guitar or vocal practice.
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Fade to black

Fade to black

Fade to black outro solo
Syns taster lesson
5string sweeps , slowly getting there
Roman sky- second solo
Avenged sevenfold
Roman sky- clean solo
Avenged sevenfold
This I love

This I love

Guns n roses
Set Me Free - Avenged Sevenfold | Solo Cover
Oh hell no... Another Set Me Free Cover..
A bit of Bowie
My very frist riff I posted for Jak's June contest, and I decided to re-post it.
Black magic woman improv
I did an improv over black magic woman
Still winning - intervals I'm playing the the harmony track over the pre-recorded main riff Suggestions would be appreciated 😀
WhatsApp Video 2019 10 10 at 16 46 28
Outro, well trying to write some new stuff, idk how good it'd be
Alternate picking Exercises 3. Stuck at 100 bpm How to incerase my speed!
Megadeth: Ashes in Your Mouth - Guitar Cover
I liked learning this one enough that I'm going to consider this a rough draft. In the coming days I'll clean it up another 10% and put some production on it through ProTools
Jam & Get Carried Away-1.mp4
Jammin some sweeps. Some Fk ups, but still something to do lol.
I Like It!-1.mp4