Sixteenth Quarantine Day: I'm starting to go crazy and write covers xD
Due to @[5:@Jak Angelescu] recent video, i bit the bullet and uploaded my full cover of this song! Made a couple mistakes, but i just had fun with it. Enjoy and tell me what you guys think!
@[3987:@Dominik Graeber] here it a bit shit but just had part of the afternoon to "learn" the intro xD Next one I'll take a bit more time with it, maybe if Im in quarantine xD
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Learned this one for the Riff Challenge as suggested by @[7809:@Jesse Salmons] and it's just damn fun to play although some minor mistakes! Playing standing up cuz @[5:@Jak Angelescu] said. Also because I know my CAGED Chords I figured it was a lot easier to play that G in the E position :D Might cover the whole thing at some point.
Beneath the howling stars take 2 the breakdown starts off slow but then I really get into it. Those divebombs.. one of my favourites to play.


my latest invention. Two things I've noticed about my song writing lately. Theres a TON of melody going on everywhere. Everything seems to flow into each other pretty well. I find myself using tension much more as well. But the thing I really nnotice are my outros always seem to be bigger and bigger, ala reaching a 2nd climax in a song. Sometimes its the only climax in the song. But an outro imo is just as big as the intro. anyways enjoy
much better all around a bit off at the one part of the song but that happens literally everytime lol. its easier when i listen to drums alone the vocals throw me off
I've been practicing this one song in the last 4 weeks ... Fuqn beast... The next song will be easier...
In dying days beginning
The three techniques I should improve are Legato (As usual), Squeals (There were supposed to be a few in it), and 16th note alternate picking on the lower string. Maybe there's more to improve?
Playing part if IX and the intro to What The Dead Men Say by Trivium. Fucked up the ending but oh well :D
It's here, the whole reason it's this long is the chords that go under the final solo 0:00 demonstration 0:25 intro 4:20 verse 8:00 chorus 11:40 first solo 16:00 second solo
my attempt of one of my favorites solos, again from Chile ;) All rights reserved to Avenged Sevenfold and Mesa Recording Studio
Some weeks ago I asked about easy but a bit challenging solos to help me improve my technique. Some students suggested some cool stuff to start working. I made a list and Californication is the first one of a pretty long list (by suggestion of @[7809:@Jesse Salmons] - thanks my friend 👍) I’ll be learning the full songs, not only the solos. I started working on Californication a few days ago and there’s still some mistakes. The idea is posting again in a few days and check my progress.
I was challenged to learn the one forever ago by @[44223:@Rute Rodrigues] and finally learned part of it. There are some mistakes overall it's decent enough I think 😅
call me the breeze solo
I did this to warm up for the riff challenge and it sounded good so i recorded it! Haha hope you guys like it