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Finally got it!
Finally got Inside Beast flowing all the way through. I was playing with a live version and not just the music video this time! What a wonderful way for me to come back and share my progress with you, loves.
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One more day! At this point I feel that i'm starting to really know were are the arpeggios that I want to play and I think that my improvisation while thinking on what arpeggios play is getting more smoth. I think that the melodies that I play on this video are less shitier that the other videos so there are some improvements on this aspect tooXD
I gave the solos in comfortably numb a go. It's not note for note perfect but close enough 😅 Don't mind the shitty out of tune bend I did, there's a reason I cut that out on instagram 🤣🤣
Here is the guitar solo from my song "Repaying Evil With Evil". Hope you guys love it, it's a good one. Thanks to Synyster Gates and Papa Gates for their very good guitar lessons. I learned so much in a short period of time.
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It was a little wobbly, I felt a little awkward, but you know what?? I'm practicing, I was feelin' it, so I did it! Put some of those chords I've learned to use and went for it. I can't wait to see what I can do in a few months. :) EDITED to add: I swapped it out with a take I was a lot happier with!
This is a Cover and an instructional video of the Solo in Hotel california. Comment if you have any questions :)
So I’ve had a really shitty day just haven’t been feeling right, anxiety had been bugging me and I felt a bit shakey but I decided why not give synner Saturday a go it may help me feel a bit better and guess what It did! So I’m here to say that music can really help when your feeling down just hearing a7x and playing along made me forget about my day and I just had fun! You’d never know I was feeling horrible before this video So if you ever feel sad or just not great pick up your guitar and give it a go! Also I know I forgot the vibrato lol I wasn’t thinking about that cuz yet again shitty day hahaha. Ohhh and I’ll upload a full cover of the song once I finish the last part of the solo
Alright, so I've been learning this for about two weeks or so, and for the first Synner Saturday I thought I should be brave enough to post my progress. :-) It is my first finger style song. Oh, and sorry for the bad light in my room, stupid dark seasons. Watching this, I immediatly notice that I need to work a bit on the fluency of the chord changes, the barrés in particular. Other than that, the next step would be to also practice this a bit to a metronome (for the listener, feel is probably more important than super tight timing for accoustic ballads like this, but it can't hurt to do it anyway). Oh yeah, I'm in D standard tuning, so I'm also playing the song in D minor (the saddest of all keys :D).
I also made sure to try and fix any muting issues. From listening to the isolated guitar track of the solo, my interpretation of it is that the ascending sweeps (when I go back down, vertically) are faster than the descending sweeps, which is why I sweep faster when ascending. It's also extremely difficult to time the arpeggios into the sweep, which is why I only played two arpeggios instead of three before the first sweep (I can't spend all day trying to get the perfect take). I also cut out the economy picking section towards the end, because the amp started bugging out. Maybe I can use this as a standard for comparison when I try the solo again later.
As usual, I am awake before the rest of my household, so I grabbed my acoustic so I wouldn’t wake anyone. I figured for my first Synner Saturday I’d try the first solo I learned. Definitely harder on acoustic 😅 “And we have gone through good and bad times But your unconditional love was always on my mind You've been there from the start for me And your love's always been true as can be”
Participating in Jak's "Synner Saturdays" and taking some time to actually play again. You know I am not the greatest when it comes to being in time and on tempo so I am pretty okay with this being my first attempt to play this song. I literally learned this today. (Tried the pull off lick years ago and failed miserably but the muscle memory helped me relearn this section quickly) Thanks to @[59877:@Kat the metalhead] for inspiring to learn this one and @[5:@Jak Angelescu] for creating the Synner Saturdays (Probably the only usefull thing she did that year)
Getting in nice and early for Synner Saturday!! I've chosen to go back and improve on one of my favourite pieces today, this time with a metronome (Started from 110 and got to 135bpm by time of recording) and also standing up! Lots I needed to add/improve on, so here's a summary: -Muting strings with right hand + general hand placement has improved -Using the tip of my fingers, not the padded part. Still need some work on this though as it's easy to slip up. -Playing in time with a metronome. Still needs work as I couldn't really hear, but it's getting better! -Bends are getting better, as is vibrato (still touch and go tho) -Adding a little bit of flair -Added in a whole small section I missed originally Gotta work on stretching and moving positions, knowing exactly where my fingers need to fall, and not getting patterns mixed up. As it's a 10 min vid, the performance parts are at 0:30 and also 7:05! The rest is analysis. If you want tabs, DM me and I'll write them out! Enjoy!
Recent Solo that I learned
Do you know the song? I'm now learning to play afterlife :) So hard :')
Even though I could have done much better with more practice (Although, I spent six or so frustrating hours on it today), this lick isn't easy at all. I'd go as far as to say that at full speed, it's more difficult than the entirety of the Afterlife solo, as advanced economy picking isn't easy at all. Nevertheless, I definitely think that Syn's etudes are making me better.
One more position!! This time I added the fifht position and I played some chromaticisms here and there
It started out half step down, I never knew this chord before it's E:5A:3D:5 and down to E:3A:2D:3 or with and open D into E:0A:3D2 into E:1A:3D:0 and last E:3A:2D:0 I guess those are the base chords. I can play a slow part to it as well, still messing around with it. I'm having trouble figuring out the chords for the melody part where I mess up. Btw this is my new amp settings, just got it earlier. Treble:0 Middle:0 Bass:0 Distortion:11. On my guitar I use only the top pickup and Tone knobs both at 0 and adjust volume for Distortion. In the comments I'm going to add the 2 other versions of it I recorded. Which do you guys think sounds cool? I'm trying to find my sound. Maybe you guys got some suggestions that could direct me some? I also have some trouble with writing, Thanks in advance!
Been working on this for about 4 days now. Playing slow as to not fuck up (still did though, but I talk about that and ask for tips) And for shits and giggled I did attempt to play it as fast as I possible could at the end 😂
Learned two new things, super proud of how quick I've picked them up! Going over a blues scale and then using it for the intro (??) of Jump! Of course needs work and a metronome to help me get the timing right, but it's just so cool to have another lick to work on!
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