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Something I wrote the other day, I'm trying to improve on my technique so what are some things I should focus on?

The Stage Outro

Hello!! I decided to learn the outro of The Stage that Syn plays live, the chords used here remember me a lot to Villa-Lobos Etude N°1 (check it if you want to hear an awesome shred on classical guitar) on the last part i'm doing some tremolo wich is a common tecnique for classical guitar (check Recuerdos de la Alhambra, incredible piece that uses tremolo on the whole song) if you checked those songs let me know what you think! Peace |m|
Some here and some friends have asked to see my progress and what way is better than a little re-visit of the first song I covered :) For more short clips etc I am also on Instagram where I am most active, if you wanna like/sub on my YouTube too I'd appreciate it a lot <3
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Hey! Here is my Megadeth cover enjoy! If you want more Megadeth leave a comment!.Like & Share and Subscribe !.Social MediaInstagram : https://www.instagram.c...
Enjoy my cover of Goliath from the new Architects album "For Those That Wish To Exist" ! Guitar Tab:
This is my attempt at fully recreating Tim Henson's video "How to make a riff 3". I tried my best, let me know what you think, also added a Himiko Toga Edit at the end just cause I love her!!🥰🔪
i figured it out just now, a bit ago I've been doing a lot of guessing work, I remembered something Bill Hudson said on the masterclass about noticing the major scale everywhere after and he said and did an example of going up and down in the same area. was about the next note being near or next to it. super big help, Thank you! it was kind of lingering and it's been helping me figure stuff out waaaaay easier. I really should get back to remembering the names of the notes on the fretboard and practice songs again. starting to lack
Improv 83
You asked for shorter videos this is probably the shortest they will go. This was the first of a few to contain some new chords my friend Spencer (who is courting guitar parts with me) was using. I do not believe i played the scale to.match that chord but will be looking up these scales more and practice it this weekend.
Hi everyone !! This my attemp for Downfall from Childre Of Bodom...It's really not perfect....... Lâg Arkane 1000 Line 6 Helix floor Laney TF 200 one shot recording with my phone .
I'm still trying to work on my singing a little bit. This time a shawn mendes song I dig quite a lot. I wanted to do like a split screen during the solo but then my video editing skills sucked monkey balls so I just did whatever this is instead 🤣🤣
This should help get to know your guitar better. I guess you could pick specific notes to start and end on as well. You can also go back 'n' forth between sets of notes to make cool sounds. I might have missed things, this is a start. I used my picking arm to hold the guitar in place a bit, for balance. It's probably better to hold the previous fingers in place after switching to 2nd, 3rd or 4th. Should help with muting and stamina.
Where the last lesson touched on when you are in a mode and make D Dorian sound like D Dorian and not like C major, there's also another way you can treat the modes and this video touches on that.
Soul's Last Breath - Demo song (2021)
Demo song, I used virtual bass and drums, so there may be some errors. A7x inspired me a lot. Tell me what you think
Back with Lesson 22! I feel pretty confident about the concept of Hammer-ons. It's the Pull-Offs I'm more concerned about. I did my best to figure it out myself. Let me know if I got it right and maybe even some more feedback?
Decided to try to practice Am pentatonic scale from Lesson 20 using the exercises Papa Gates talked about.
I've seen a bunch of questions about modes lately so I figured I'd make a little lesson/demonstration on it during my break
New Metal

New Metal

I just mixing anything, because it makes it shimerring and awesomeness