Andrei Moraru

1 Week of Afterlife

A curious case of guitar face is ever-present in this video. Also, my progress on Afterlife after 1 week is there somewhere.
That is NOT a bad guitar face! :ROFLMAO:
You progress really quickly! That in just a few days is really good. Really like your rhythm playing. You still seemed a little stiff in the intro so that might need a little polish :D
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Yeah, I sometimes overthink the intro instead of just going for the notes. I've been trying to finger roll it, with somewhat in-between results. And I sometimes think too much about the way I want to play it. Hence the stiff upper body :LOL:.
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Awesome job Andrei, keep it up!

Overthinking is pretty normal when learning a new song, particularly with complex stuff. Learning new material in bite size chunks is the way to go.
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