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William Byerley

3rd iteration of my riff from early oct

It started out half step down, I never knew this chord before it's E:5A:3D:5 and down to E:3A:2D:3 or with and open D into E:0A:3D2 into E:1A:3D:0 and last E:3A:2D:0 I guess those are the base chords.
I can play a slow part to it as well, still messing around with it. I'm having trouble figuring out the chords for the melody part where I mess up. Btw this is my new amp settings, just got it earlier. Treble:0 Middle:0 Bass:0 Distortion:11. On my guitar I use only the top pickup and Tone knobs both at 0 and adjust volume for Distortion. In the comments I'm going to add the 2 other versions of it I recorded. Which do you guys think sounds cool? I'm trying to find my sound. Maybe you guys got some suggestions that could direct me some? I also have some trouble with writing, Thanks in advance!
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This was the second version, I made it with GarageBand on my phone.
I like Adam's Song from Blink-182.
Somewhere I messed up the loop and it sucks,
haven't gone back to it.

What do you guys think? Thanks again


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