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Akshat Rawat

Acoustic riff for SGS pedal contest

So as a complete beginner I used to get intimidated by Syn and other musicians when they switched between strumming and string-skipping arpeggios over chord progressions. And after a decent amount of time, I could play these string skipping sections but they never felt natural to me. As Syn mentions in lesson 44 (string skipping): The only way to get….If you don’t use it, you lose it!”.
So at first, I had to sorta force this style into my playing but later it’s funny that it actually became my go-to. For the alternate picking, Syn mentions in lesson 40, “Apply this to your pentatonics, ...and repeat.” and that has helped me with the fluidity even outside of the metal scene.

Lastly, I can’t stress enough how important metronome practice for alternate picking has been for me when it came to increasing speed and fluidity gradually. Syn always mentions this (like in lesson 40) along with emphasizing the use of jam tracks! (couldn't quote him because of the word limit :3)
As some of my friends here know my Schecter is still back in Canada and the electric I have here has major neck issues lol. So I got this acoustic guitar yesterday and wanted make a simple riff on which I will layer my electric when I get back to Niagara and make a song out of it. I was gonna start working on this after my finals this month, but I thought this contest might be the perfect way to inaugurate my guitar haha
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