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Sayonil Mitra

After Long time, back to writing stuff

I started working on this in November last year but was struggling with the motivation to actually finish it and put it out. I was just sitting on bunch of unfinished riffs or ideas in my laptop. I was failing to motivate myself to actually plan out different parts of a song, piece them together and make a final thing. Over the last few days, I decided to get rid of that old habit of not finishing anything. In my mind, this school will be a place to push myself everyday to work on ideas and finishing songs as I go. I will upload each one here from now on just so that I can stop myself from going back to my old ways. With that being siad, I am also working on my song writing skills, learning mixing mastering along the way. So if you notice anything (however little it may be), that can be improved, please let me know. and, if you actually read this full thing, you are truly awesome.

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