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Alicia Willis

Anastasia intro

Been working on this for about 4 days now. Playing slow as to not fuck up (still did though, but I talk about that and ask for tips)
And for shits and giggled I did attempt to play it as fast as I possible could at the end 😂
Oops ! Just realized y’all can’t see my picking hand to give proper constructive criticism, but I’m alternate picking 👍🏻
your making really good progress so far!! i tried that song a few years ago and failed lol you make me want to give it another shot!
It really is super fun to play even if you fuck it up 😂
I do think it’s definitely a good workout for the fingers for sure especially for my lazy ass, I barely use my pinky and this is making me big time !!! You should go for it again !!!!
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I don't have good tips right now, but maybe when you mess up a note, keep playing.
Like just continue, try not to let it bother you, to keep the rhythm.
Cool song, I don't think I heard it before. Thanks for sharing :D
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Getting really good until it's not! Try to keep that finger PLANTED on 12 when you reach for 17. I know it's a stretch, but it's better to hold that anchor than lose it if you can.
Thanks captain ! Will definitely try that ! And yes it’s a hell of a stretch, someone should create like prostethic finger extenders or something 🤣
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