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Jakub Holos

Avenged Sevenfold - M.I.A. Solo

Hey guys, I've recently covered M.I.A. solo and also tabbed the main part of it. I believe it's 100% how Syn plays it on the album (apart from that Kirk Hammett descending lick at the end of the main solo that part is not set in stone he just plays random notes there). I closely listened to the slowed-down audio and also watched Syn practising the solo backstage to get the fingerings right. Have fun learning it and don't give up it's a tough one!
How long have you been playing guitar? And how long did this take you to learn?
I've been playing for 14 years and this solo took me 9 months (that super-fast part) but I think it could have been less than that cause I was using the wrong fingering (pinky instead of ring finger which is much stronger)
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Wow. I guess I'm in for a rough ride to learn this solo. Sounds so fun. Will work on it after I can play buried alive and afterlife solo
It's just the two-note per string bit and mini sweeps that are super-tough the rest is fairly easy I think! Good choice, I learned Afterlife too before I jumped onto this one! My next one is Carry On which is really hard the way Syn plays it as he picks those 3 string arpeggios

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