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Avenged Sevenfold - Seize The Day ( solo playthrough practice ) ( update )

I've been working on my technique, I think it's sounding better. Having trouble getting the right harmonic at the end, it has a low volume on that note. I think the tab book might be slightly off or I'm missing some things. It's still a little off, this is my best solo, I got it memorized. I didn't know the sound would be this low, next time I'll adjust the settings. I've been working on this rock jam, I learned the strumming pattern here. Today I practiced it again to share, but it got a little more interesting by accident and was able to work it into my playing. Going to try and upload the jam tomorrow with some kind of song structure.
I can't hear too well 'cause I don't have a trained ear and also I don't have my headphones now, but I really liked the solo part. Especially because you're playing standing up. Kudos to you! I was paying attention to the way you hold the pick and the guitar, remembering the lesson from PG. It's just all new to me. Maybe if the backing track was a little lower, I could hear better, but again, I don't have trained years nor I have much knowledge, so maybe you shouldn't listen to my advice at all 😅 btw, adorable little birdie friend! What's its name?
My birds name is Rio, sometimes I forget he's there. He's been very moody lately and smells like chicken. I think he's cool too. I've had him for like 4-5 months, I think he's 3 years old.
I'll redo it tomorrow afternoon, I thought it wasn't too audible as well.
I often forget about my pick holding, I'll try to be thoughtful of it again.
You guys are uplifting, thanks a bunch Kat and redlips, makes me want to work harder. :D
That harmonic can be played a bunch of different ways. I guess it's a matter of feel which harmonic you wanna aim for. I think syn changed it up too. Fish around for one you like. You'll find one that sounds close enough.
Okay, I'll trying something that fits the notes, was messing around earlier with other harmonics as well. Not related to this song. Thanks, I do like hearing when people do twists on covers, I should probably try to do some of that myself.
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Okay, Rio is absolutely adorable ! I love the way he’s just chilling and jamming with you !

As others said, it’s very hard to hear you, but dude you were really into it and I love that ! Keep that energy up and maybe just turn the song down a bit so we can hear you too ! 😊

This is actually my FAVORITE A7X solo ! I can’t wait to see more from you !

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