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Ben Grosskreuz

Avenged Sevenfold "So Far Away" guitar solo.

Who needs a sustainic pickup?!

Anybody who wants to do like half the stuff there is to do. You can't play the beginning of this solo without a sustainic and the harmonic effects. Period.
Sustainiac kind of sounds like a harmonic to me, really cool doing all those things the the bar and switches. I've been trying to use my stuff more too, trying to get better at it. Is both switches for the sustain? I saw a guitar one time, it also had a switch but it wasn't a sustainiac. I forgot what he told me...
Tbh, you can do like 90% of this just fine without a sustainiac. What a sustainiac does is sustain a note forever, the harmonics can be done doing natural or pinch harmonics, no need to have a sustainiac for those 💁
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This is awesome, I liked the fact that you actually moved your guitar just like syn did in the video, very cool.

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