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Watch the video in the comments to see where this came from. I didn't get any suggestions so I Googled and this came up first. So I used my knowledge of my g minor positions to play further up the fret board. I play both variations of each arpeggio I learned (ala the relative minors in the same position). The actual video is longer and I am sorry I didn't hit record on the camera for the YouTube version so the fingering of what im playing is only available in the twitch video. I'll make sure this changes. Next week I'm gonna stretch into the actual scales and not just the arpeggios. I'll also need a new progression idea. If you got one let me know.
I like those tempo changes, gonna try it. Lot's of cool stuff!
Maybe try; G major - D major - E minor - C major
Is that; I - V - IV - VI ?
Just made it up, I need to learn what that is.

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