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Sahir Irfan

Bill Hudson Triads/Major Scale Practice

I spent the last week practicing and memorizing the C Major scales/triads from Bill Hudson's class. I think the next phase for me is to start moving in and out of different positions while staying with the metronome.
This is really cool, I'm kind of intimidated now. It looks like you started with an arpeggio, slid to the next shape with some scale notes(?) than into the next C shape and repeat? How do I learn this? It's the CAGED? It also looked/sounded that you started the loose notes on the C for every shape. I could use some help preparing for the lesson. I want do my best. I haven't played for the past few days, I'm going to go over theory again today. I'm new to theory so please not too difficult. Maybe point me in the right direction is good enough. ThankS in Advance!!!

No worries man, you can do this! I'm learning theory for the first time too, so I'm taking it slowly. It's a bit to learn, but that's all I did for a week and a halfish, just use a slow tempo and memorization for about 30-45 minutes a day (it's all the time I could afford sadly). I took the master class with Bill Hudson, so this was part of the sheet music to practice with.

Yeah, this is CAGED shapes. You're right, I started on C for all of them. For the triad's at the start of the vid, once I got to a D note, I just slid into the next triad up. The nice thing is that these are all full notes, no sharps/flats in this.

Awesome! Great job man! sounds very smooth and very clean! Keep up the hard work 🤟🤘

Thank you Ezequiel!

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