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Blues Improv - Syn's Tip Challenge - Lesson 68

Well... I tried xD.

To adress rule #1 directly: A major cornerstone of Blues (sorry for the pun) is the I7 IV7 V7 chord progression. Now, Syn tells us in his tips for lesson 68, that a cool scale to chose over this progression is the mixolydian scale, which is a major scale with a flat 7. He tells us to directly adress each chord with its corresponding scale. So for my backing track, that would be E7 with E mixo, A7 with A mixo, B7 with B mixo.

Apart from the whole theory stuff, the biggest areas of work for me are still: a) technical skill and b) creative ideas. I found it pretty challenging adressing each chord with its own scale, while also trying to pay attention to the shared notes to make the transitions smooth... and then still coming up with licks that fit all the constraints and are still melodic. Well, here is the result, I tried, and I will continue to try, haha :D.
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