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improv challenge 1. I for the most part just stuck to the minor we learned in the lessons. There is one note near the end I hit 15th fret on top string that isnt part of the scale, but I dont think you hear an issue with it. I figured I'd try to create a vocal melody, although this was at 1230 am..
Just a couple things. In this case your playing over a backingtrack with an existing vocal melody, you can use that as your motif too! Secondly I would really recommend you to get comfortable with some standard blues licks(bb king, Eric Clapton and SRV have a whole arsenal of them) so you can get a little bit more bluesy. Also try to really make your silent spaces a little bit more clear, it seems like you just vibrato until your next phrase
Yeah the vocal melody wasnt great but at 1230am I cant really put more effort into it. The guitar part was literally just me getting used to the one position. I havent listened to any blues yet but is something I'm con sidering this weekend.

Since this is a new scale for me though I wanted to keep it simple. The idea here was to try and mimick my voice. I feel I did that to an extend.. but with my voice being so plain from late night recording I didnt reslly change much up. There was slight pitch changes but since I made it up.on the spot I was thinking more what to say then how to say it. That should improve as well.

Since it's a new start I'm not going to try to over complex things. I'm assuming your trying to say to vibrato less and just pause for a second. That's something I could try. But I was mostly focused on making sure I play the correct notes over anything.
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