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Avenged Sevenfold Tutorials

Our students are incredibly talented. Feel free to post your Avenged Sevenfold tutorials here for others to learn!
Hi guys! :) I really enjoy play this song and the school have been helping me to develop proper time to play both guitar parts. If someone want to learn any part of this song, just let me know. I hope this is fun to watch!
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In this video, I am covering the solo section of afterlife. It was hard to master but I am really proud of my perofrmance.
Sorry for the slightly spammy uploads but here's a tutorial for the first but if the bridge of the wicked end
I’ve never tried to teach anything, so hopefully this is simple and easy to follow ! My video clipped at around 3:32...but this is still the next piece...I hope it’s not too bothersome.
Avenged live Bonner Springs guitar cover Song : Warmness on the soul Album: Sounding the Seventh Trumpet Tune = Eb Rig : - MXR Fullbore Metal - Digital delay...
Burn it down intro tutorial Ignore the random stuff halfway. I was trying to figure out what was wrong with my guitar.
Learn how to play that cool guitar part in "Higher" that comes after the final chorus. Let me know if this was helpful and what other Avenged Sevenfold tutorials you would like to see.
Hey guys, I've recently covered M.I.A. solo and also tabbed the main part of it. I believe it's 100% how Syn plays it on the album (apart from that Kirk Hammett descending lick at the end of the main solo that part is not set in stone he just plays random notes there). I closely listened to the slowed-down audio and also watched Syn practising the solo backstage to get the fingerings right. Have fun learning it and don't give up it's a tough one!