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Feel pressured or nervous to put your beginning accomplishments up with those shredding out 32nd note sweeps? Firstly, you shouldn't. Secondly, this place is just for you! This is the BEGINNERS spot where you can feel comfortable posting your first riff, song, whatever!
Messing around - Beginners Corner on guitar.
This is my first progress video on guitar. Strumming is sloppy and yes I sound like crap lol. Any constructive criticism welcome! This is after learning all the chords from the Papa Gates lessons and just got done watching the pentatonic scale introduction. (Line 6 Spider V60 - 2 loops)
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Progress on A7X Nightmare: April to December 2019
Decided to make a fun progress video because I’m proud of myself. I figured I have a lot of your support and I really appreciate it. Maybe I can inspire some other beginners to take the leap. Jak and the lessons on this school really really helped me in my progress.
Buried Alive Intro
This is my first riff here, just to show that I've been doing more than lurking the forums. It's not the greatest but I hope when I come back to it in a little bit I'll have improved
Hail to the King -rhythm (Synyster Gates School)
Not perfect. I’ve hand an issue getting my guitar to stay in tune. Papa G and Captain Ed came to the rescue ! (My takeaway....tremolo bridges can be assholes ! ) Still working on this but so excited to list my first A7X riff 😃 I’ve posted other things but was apprehensive to try any of theirs...