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Feel pressured or nervous to put your beginning accomplishments up with those shredding out 32nd note sweeps? Firstly, you shouldn't. Secondly, this place is just for you! This is the BEGINNERS spot where you can feel comfortable posting your first riff, song, whatever!
From having to alternate pick a part, to actually being able to do it correctly with a continuous hammer on/pull (even if it’s not perfect) 😃
I recently started to try “one” by Metallica. I’m sure I’m not the only one whom when practicing I mess up and I just start all over. I decided to practice with the recording so I wouldn’t start over and have to fumble my way through. Idk if this is a good idea but for me I felt it made me really think about the song and the rhythm and know where to come back in after I messed up time and time again. So many perfect videos are posted, I wanted to showcase a not so perfect one. One of someone really trying to feel their way through. I got frustrated, but with the song playing and hearing the lead guitar I felt the need to jump back on even if it was shit and only for a second. I felt the need to keep going !
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Hi all Been practising on my palm muting with this song. Im pretty happy with the result. But as always open to advice to become better :)
Hey all new member here. I stumbled across this school whole searching for finger picking and sweep picking techniques. Been playing self taught for a few years (took about a year of lessons in grade school but then didn’t play seriously). Love A7x and just got my custom S last week. Started finger picking last week also and this is my progress with the buried alive intro. At first I couldn’t figure it out at all but I’m getting there. If anyone has good fingerpicking practice things/songs they could suggest I’d take all advice. Next I’m gonna try to learn is broken by seether.
I figured I’d make these a series of videos showing my progress. I learned the whole solo. Now it’s time to finesse it lol. My string muting sucks. I do NOT like this tone, but was trying to combat the awful shrill string buzz from my high E until I can get it fixed. Oh, and I need to certain parts up to speed. Maybe in a week or two It’ll actually sound pretty 😂 But I’m happy with the progress I’ve made. I’ve never learned an entire solo before....hell, I don’t even really do solos. So this was fun and different from the normal rhythm stuff I learn.
This is the first time I’ve learned something solely from tabs. 😬 I’m alternate picking the last part and I think it’s supposed to be a continuous hammer on/pull off thing....but these strings are thick and I can’t get that just yet so the alternate picking works for now. Also I think the bend is a bit short. Also, I’m in C standard. This song is played in Drop A
I played around with Minor Chords and made a Chord Progression. The focus is a lot on Minor Chords but as I resolve on an F major I guess you'd refer to it as F major progression? Anyway, here's what I played: My Progression goes I - vi - V - ii - iii - IV The first Chord is the F, next I play D minor. After that I play a C in the A shape and a G in the Dm shape, but I play this one as a triad (correct, @[477:@Ids Schiere] ?), without the bar on the fifth fret. Next I play an A minor in the Em position and then a B flat, connecting nicely back to the F.
I picked this one by ear!!!! Can't believe it!!! ok, there'll be mistakes, but I'm so happy that I had to share it :)
Lately, I’ve really enjoyed just playing around and finding things I like the sound of . Just using simple things I’ve learned in the lessons, like power chords, muting, alternate picking, and the “campfire chords” and just playing around within the little things I do know. This is one of those things, an excerpt taken from my personal practice video where I just messed around and found something I liked.
Been playing since march, I feel like my alternate picking and palm muting has already cleaned up a lot. Played with 8th notes at 70 bpm, this is currently about my comfort speed (obviously depends on the songs). I also want to incorporate the chorus riffs into this, but there is still a lot of work to do, may upload my progress on that at some point this weekend. :-)
Just a little something I came up with today. I tried a little picking pattern over the chords and then some mutes. I can’t play exactly what I hear in my head lol but I think it gets the idea across.
Upload take 2 lol 😆 I’ve said before 95% of what I post here is from my practice videos. This was after I played the little disarm intro. I was strumming chords and decided to add some lyrics to chords and this came out. I do wish to be able to compose my own songs one day, so other people can sing them obviously lol. And I think this is a start. I can’t get exactly what I heard in my head out yet, but I’m getting there.
I got frustrated with my “holy grail” So I went back to something I had been trying to play prior. I was having a hard time doing the quick 16th note strum in between some of the chords but I’ve got them and I was so excited I wanted to share with you guys ! Also, I don’t like these strings. I tried some Elixirs but I’m not loving their tone. Think I might go back to either the Ernie Ball Earth wood or the the D’Addario strings I was using on this guitar.
Hi all, im practising on One - Metallica. One of my favorites all time. Im having difficulty with a part, i explain it in video
Getting in the habit of just rambling and showing my thought process. Maybe it helps others struggeling with the lessons. This is just me tracing back where the F chord and Pentatonic scale PG showed us is coming from.
Legato exercises ! I had to have a little fun and see how fast I could do it with my “strong fingers” towards the end 😂
I have so much to learn. Recorded three chords, D, C and G and tried to solo over them in one position. I tried my best to get some embellishments in there and some double stops as PG suggests, but it is a lot to do for me at once.
Short 30second clip. I’m doing a legato exercise jak taught me without a pick, then using my pick minimally, and doing the whole lick. I’m repeating this over and over. Also I am checking my bends but I forgot to show that. Trying to get those right too before I move on to the next section.
Mind that you can shift chords in a way that it is still the same chord, but also by using the same shape and making it a bar chord, you can shift it just like with scales. Eg. moving the C shape up to frets would give you a D chord. That might have been a bit misleading in my video. Was not sure if I should upload this. I feel like I know what I am doing but can't bring it well to the camera. Let me know if it made sense to you.
Fuck authority •PENNYWISE•
The ring and middle fingers of my left hand fall asleep when I play this song standing up...I must be getting old 😂
This is why I wanted to play guitar, but never tried because it was too hard and above my skill level. Thanks to @[5:@Jak Angelescu] for basically just saying “go for it !!!” I’ve not been this excited in the entire time I’ve been learning and playing. So guys, if you have that “Holy Grail” song,solo, riff, etc that you have been too afraid to try.....join me and let’s all just fucking go for it !!!!!!! ❤️
I tried tapping before, but didnt "pull off" the tapping finger in correct way. PG explained how to do this, and im practising on it. Tapping is really fun!