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Beginners Corner

Feel pressured or nervous to put your beginning accomplishments up with those shredding out 32nd note sweeps? Firstly, you shouldn't. Secondly, this place is just for you! This is the BEGINNERS spot where you can feel comfortable posting your first riff, song, whatever!
Back on this solo!! I first tried it in november and quickly quit after barely learning the notes of the first part 😅😅(I'll leave the link of that video at the end of the desciption if someone wants to check out where I was at with this) BUT!!! we are not quitters, so I got back to it with the tutorial by @[4668:@Alicia Willis] (check that out!!!). I'm playing without backing track or metronome so it's not on time, but I hope to get that done for next week! As always, feedback and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Happy Synner Sunday fam🖤 https://syngates.com/media/synner-saturdays-beginning-to-learn-the-warmness-on-the-soul-solo-the-struggle-is-real.4355/
CC Always welcome! For not being motivated for creative endeavors for the last few weeks, I finally picked up the guitar tonight. Didn't do much other than run through Do Re M...
Was originally only going to show this to Jak because of how nervous and shaky I got. But here it is. As most of you know, I struggled a bit with maintaining my rhythm around the solo and lost track. Got a better hold on that now.
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Hi, guys! So, I just started learning this part of the song, 'cause I thought it would be easy and it would give me some motivation to keep my practice routine going. I know, I should start using a metronome. But I thought it was harder to play with it (?). It got me really confused. Is it really hard, at the beginning, to get used to the metronome? Does anyone have any tip/advice to share about it?
Here goes my first day of the One Month Challenge! I chose this song because it's something not too much complicated (I think) so that I don't get discouraged and, most of all, because I love it and it's an absolute classic. Lots of work to do. The different fingering for the chords it's kicking my butt 😬 See you with this in one month 🕦💫 tips appreciated 😊
Hey so I’m back!!! Covid has been really rough for me the past couple weeks and I decided I was gonna take a break from the school and social media but now I’m back!! So here is my progress on bat country so far! I’m taking lessons with bill every other week and he asked what I was working on and I told him this solo and he said he would help me with it! Turns out I was playing parts wrong, no shock there since a7x tabs are so inaccurate lol so he corrected the messed up parts by ear for me and we started! He gave me easier finger placements and ways to play and that helped so so much! I got a long way to go but I’m so proud of myself!! Thought I would tell people that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help when needed! I was scared to ask for help with this solo but when I did it helped me improve so so much! Take lessons if you can and utilize all the tools on the school and you will improve so so much!!
So, I'm back with a little update on the solo I'm learning. I slowed it down to 90℅ and I think the bends are better than the last video (let me know 😅😅) and I botched a note in the middle that I usually don't miss but hadn't got the time to do several takes 😁. As always, tips are very much welcomed and appreciated. I've started to learn the second solo of the song too because why not 😂 I'll let you see how that goes soon ✨✨✨
My goal is to learn Do Re Mi and be able to play it well. This is after several tries to get the sound right. I think it's coming along nicely. CC always welcome!
A.k.a. I forgot how to play open chords 😂😂 I learned this song via a youtube lesson, I know it's not originally on guitar but I love this song and wanted to learn it, so here it is. I messed up here and there 😬 I'll get better a this too, watch out for an update in the future ✨✨✨✨💫🖤 (As always, suggestions are welcomed 😁)

Given Up (LP)

I have been practicing for the past week and finally started recording some videos :) I will try to post more original riffs and song ideias after march. Good week! ;)
Hi, guys! For Synner Sunday, I decided to learn my fav song by Pearl Jam, and I'll keep recording my progress. Here's a little part of my practice. I'm trying to nail the rhythm and I'm having a bit of a hard time with that, but I just started learning this song today. Any tips/feedback/constructive criticism is welcomed!
The little 'latest riff' box in the sidebar has been taunting me for days now, and because of it I decided to revisit the last lesson I uploaded on the SGS. As always tips and tricks are welcome :D
This are two pentatonic exercises (I'm using the Am pentatonic scale) that I always do during my warm ups. Have no idea what the first one is called and the second is a string skipping exercise. Do you have any other exercise I could add to my routine? (And also, some tips on how to improve on this?) 💫💫💫🖤
Back with Lesson 22! I feel pretty confident about the concept of Hammer-ons. It's the Pull-Offs I'm more concerned about. I did my best to figure it out myself. Let me know if I got it right and maybe even some more feedback?
Decided to try to practice Am pentatonic scale from Lesson 20 using the exercises Papa Gates talked about.
Just wanted to share a little progress video. It's not much but I'm really proud of this 😂 the first clip is me in november doing permutations at 80 bpms, in quarter notes and all down picking. Second clip is me now, in February, doing the same exercise at 95 bpms which is not that much more but in eighth notes and alternate picking. I know I have a lot to work on but this is a little victory for me 😁
I'm returning to lesson 18 today to track my progress! Because a lot of you know I really had a struggle with that palm muting. So using Lesson 18 I'm just using a little exercise with open and palm muting. Definitely think it's improved a lot! Besides when I get nervous and overthink it. LOL!
Sat down tonight with the Em and G lesson and really drilled it. But this time I focused on how my fingers were (besides sore, lol!) on the fret board. I know I have a long way to go but I feel like I made a small amount of progress tonight on not muting strings. CC always welcome and appreciated!

Ugh, Chords

Still learning how to get my fingers to bend in such a way as not to mute strings. I think on this video I get closer? All CC always appreciated and welcome!
It's time I put a little update on my work in progress with this song... The second solo is brutal, will take a lot more time until I can play it with the backing track. Also, I learned 90% of it by ear, so there are some parts where it is not completely exact yet, haha. Turns out, my auditorial memory is worse than my visual memory, so memorizing the tabs in combination with the sound is much easier than just memorizing the sound. The high bends are still a little... yucki overall, and I feel my sustain dies in that area of the neck pretty quickly, so my pretty gainy and noisy amp channel counteracts a bit against that (but honestly, I should just try to improve the guitar setup). Alright, enough excuses, here is the brutal and honest state of progress.^^