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Feel pressured or nervous to put your beginning accomplishments up with those shredding out 32nd note sweeps? Firstly, you shouldn't. Secondly, this place is just for you! This is the BEGINNERS spot where you can feel comfortable posting your first riff, song, whatever!
Some weeks ago I asked about easy but a bit challenging solos to help me improve my technique. Some students suggested some cool stuff to start working. I made a list and Californication is the first one of a pretty long list (by suggestion of @[7809:@Jesse Salmons] - thanks my friend 👍) I’ll be learning the full songs, not only the solos. I started working on Californication a few days ago and there’s still some mistakes. The idea is posting again in a few days and check my progress.
Y’all I’m exhausted. I’m usually good at articulating what I need help with but it feels like my brain is just shutting down on me ! Lol
The video is from a botched take where I played the last part on the wrong string, so ignore that lol. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this. It's a li...
My progress on the advanced introduction to sweep picking lesson
I just made this video about where I currently am with the advanced introduction to sweep picking lesson. It was interesting to see this video for me as I can truly listen and see what I am doing. Any feedback is welcome!
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Disclaimer: literally 8 minutes of me screwing around, so keep scrolling if you’re not prepared for the randomness lol. Seriously though, I really enjoyed noodling yesterday and figured I’d just hit record and play and go at it again. If any of my other beginners aren’t doing this I highly recommend it. Yes, this is only my second time doing so, but just recording myself and playing twice I’m noticing a certain feel and sound I keep going back to when I’m just playing and not thinking too hard about it, and I’m realizing this could be a great way to find MY sound ! ❤️ There’s also a moment in here where you can actually see my facial expressions change and I get a more serious look because I played a couple power cords and had an idea, and it was like I could hear what I wanted in my head, but had to try and figure out how to get it out.


First time noodling. I debated whether to post this or not. But, I know emotions can often be conveyed musically when our words fail us. As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve had a shit day and am just releasing that tension. After playback I see I was really feeling that E power chord 😂
I work retail.... feeling some type of way, as soon as I got home from work I had to vent some frustrations ! Lol. Guitar is good for that for me and also a way to relax ! This song is definitely a vibe for me today! I am a beginner, but I’m starting to feel rhythm is my “home”, I love playing rhythm and I feel I can get good at it if I just keep practicing ! 👍🏻
Went back and viewed lesson 16 on which incorporated some strumming patterns. I feel like I’m more comfortable with some of them and I utilize the ones I’m comfy with here !!
Relearned this etude and now finally comfortable enough to play it to a metronome. Set to 80 bpm currently. Also sorry for the ramble in between. I hate mistakes so I often do some random shit when they happen haha
I wanted to give an update to one of the videos I posted last week to a discussion thread on the etudes. This one is alt picking 1 (plus a little extra because I was feeling frustrated tonight). I'm still working to improve my speed. Improvement seems slow but hopefully I'll be able to look back on this and see a real difference. And this past week I got so much advice from you all here it was wonderful, hopefully I won't let it go in one ear and out the other. So thank you everybody for being the awesome people you are and keep the suggestions coming. ~Kai
trying to get this Etude right. What I like about strict alternate picking this is that it's really easy to accent the notes on which the beats fall if you play with a metronome. But I really have to start from the beginning again.
I last attempted the Intro to Buried Alive eagerly with a pick, but had some suggestions to try it in its finger playing style. This is a little rough, and I apologize for that. I just wanted to show some progress. Any suggestions for other finger style songs would be awesome!
My progress on the intermediate introduction to tapping lesson
This is where I am on the different exercises of the intermediate introduction to tapping lesson. Thank you Papa Gates for allowing me to get there.
A curious case of guitar face is ever-present in this video. Also, my progress on Afterlife after 1 week is there somewhere.
Hey guys! I'm talking about how I understand and approach the CAGED system right now. If anything's wrong let me know. Also, for those who don't know me that well yet. I've been playing since 2015 but only recently started to grow a little more interest in chords and theory. So I am at level 0 atm.
This is my first progress video on guitar. Strumming is sloppy and yes I sound like crap lol. Any constructive criticism welcome! This is after learning all the chords from the Papa Gates lessons and just got done watching the pentatonic scale introduction. (Line 6 Spider V60 - 2 loops)
Decided to make a fun progress video because I’m proud of myself. I figured I have a lot of your support and I really appreciate it. Maybe I can inspire some other beginners to take the leap. Jak and the lessons on this school really really helped me in my progress.
This is my first riff here, just to show that I've been doing more than lurking the forums. It's not the greatest but I hope when I come back to it in a little bit I'll have improved
Not perfect. I’ve hand an issue getting my guitar to stay in tune. Papa G and Captain Ed came to the rescue ! (My takeaway....tremolo bridges can be assholes ! ) Still working on this but so excited to list my first A7X riff 😃 I’ve posted other things but was apprehensive to try any of theirs...