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Feel pressured or nervous to put your beginning accomplishments up with those shredding out 32nd note sweeps? Firstly, you shouldn't. Secondly, this place is just for you! This is the BEGINNERS spot where you can feel comfortable posting your first riff, song, whatever!

Lesson 9

Practicing the C Major Scale, saying the notes as suggested. Also practicing alternate picking.
I'm trying to learn this solo, but before I go any further (and trying to get it up to speed)....Any tips on bendings? Happy Saturday fam 🖤🖤
Nirvana has always been one of my favorite bands (even wearing a Nirvana shirt today 🤓) so when looking for stuff to play I tend to kind of gravitate towards them. The current project being All Apologies from their In Utero album. I'm mostly putting this video up here to encourage other beginners to do the same. Don't be afraid to post stuff even if you make mistakes (and I make plenty in this video...) Feedback / tips / tricks are welcome as always 😊
I'm learning the major scale...and I can play it slow. But any attempt to speed up, even a little, is a disaster. What am I doing wrong? Any tips for this beginner on how to improve here? CC always welcome!!
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An attempt on Prologue by Fleshgod Apocalypse. Please don't mind my absolutely "gorgeous" face :D
I started working on this song just before my grandpa passed. It’s a song that has taken on quite a profound meaning to me. I’ve always loved Hizaki since I was younger and never thought I’d even be able to attempt one of his songs, yet here I am trying to learn it today. Dedicating this to @[5:@Jak Angelescu] always watch for a ray of light darling. She’s always been my number one.
So as the tittle says I’m relearning the bat country solo after my terrible attempt that ruined me lol I was beyond sad that it was so bad cuz I thought I did amazing when in reality I did not haha thanks to @[5:@Jak Angelescu] for giving me hard honest criticism when I made that video! It hurt so bad knowing it wasn’t great, I literally broke down crying thinking I was not meant to play guitar but after talking with you, I realized what I was doing wrong and finally worked up the courage to try again! If anyone here feels the same way I did I’d love to say don’t give up! Things may get hard but just tell your self your awesome and That you will accomplish what your working on! Just take your time as long as that is and you will see amazing results!
Well, today i decided to start practicing sweeps i spended all the day doing it but it's fun, i just want to show you my little progress and ask for tips or any excercise you can share with me to practice. I would really apprecciate that the exercise do not use the first string because i don't have it :c
Since it's been a week since first my first video I thought it'd be fun, to revisit the lesson from that video and I have to say, I did not expect to see this much progress. Last week I barely managed playing along at 80% and today I did 100%. It's super motivating to see and I highly recommend other beginners to film the same lesson a week (or longer) apart as well, you will blow yourself away!
Practicing alternate picking to the backing track from SGS Lesson 22. I'm noticing I am struggling to keep my picking consistent, does anybody have any tips on how to practice that? Also any further alternate picking tips are also super welcome :)
Putting it All Together C G D A & E – Lesson 17
First video I have ever recorded of myself playing guitar, here's to first of many :) Tips & tricks are of course super welcome!
Picked the old acoustic up again. I’m a sub-beginner, and my old guitar is short one string and won’t stay in tune. But here’s my try at the chromatic scale from the first lessons.
Just wanted to show it's ok to upload your practice with the lessons. No matter how slow or fast you play it. Just try! It's ok.
Just realized I never posted my week progress here ! I posted a different video on my Instagram, but I was using a different guitar (and sitting down 😬) So....I decided to share this one here. Same guitar I used in the first video, but I’m up off my ass and standing 🤣 Maybe one day I can do it justice. 😉
Ok, this is my day 7 of the guitar challenge. (Well it's a bit more because On Christmas Eve and Christmas day I didn't get anything done 😬) I tried standing up this time and it was not easy!! I mess up on the pre-chorus and I obviously haven't found that "spot" for a good muted sound yet. Also, messed up the last power chord before the solo section and just to prove a point I repeated the chord before the solo 😂 and towards the end I hit 2 times the low E string when I wasn't supposed to. But yeah, here is my attempt. I'll keep on practicing it just standing up from now on!
Merry Christmas Synners! My GFs fav Christmas song is Driving Home For Christmas - Chris Rea and I had 15mins spare/ some new space themed guitar picks for Christmas so learnt/ recorded this :) Enjoy!
First day of practising Hail to the King for @[4668:@Alicia Willis] challenge #oneweekguitarchallenge. I tried this song in the past and gave up quickly to do other things 😅 Decided to get back to this in the spirit of the challenge. Pre-chorus and pre-solo are the worst parts but after I shot the video I worked some more on just those sections and are already a bit better. My goal for the week is to clean the whole song up the best I can and jam to the original song...and I would like to try it standing up. Let's see how that goes 🖤 (video shot on my worst angle ever 😂😂😂)
Hey y’all ! I have started the #oneweekguitarchallenge over on Instagram but I think we could do it here as well !!! The premise is to chose a song,riff, etc that you have always wanted to learn. Upload a video of yourself playing it the first day learning it and then a week later ! I know often times we do not see the small progress we make and this is an opportunity to do such ! A lot can change in just a short week ! I had the idea today when I made the challenge for myself. I had reached a plateau on a few things I’m trying to learn and got discouraged. We all have been there. So join in if you want ! Post here and on the gram and use the hashtag ! 😃
Ending to a song of mine (first song ever written by me :)
So I worked on the one-dimensioned riff I posted earlier (and couldn't figure out how to delete), so I felt pressured to post this here.
Chorus riff v.2
Slight varitions compared to the v.1, dont know which one is better
Intro chords I suppose
Apologies for the bad quality, first time recording (with a phone)