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I wrote a blues song for the contest so I relied heavily on PGs masterclass for this. I used lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the solo and lessons 7 and 9 for the chords underneath. Lesson two is mostly clear from the use of motifs, 3 and 4 are more on the landing tones and color tones. For example I land in the third quite a lot and combine minor and major thirds over the I chord. The scale I based most of this on is the B minor pentatonic scale with some added notes making it more resemblant of the Dorian mode/voodoo scale over the IV chord. The chords used are B7/E7 and F#7 and when I start strumming I use a G7 in between the F#7 and the E7 making it a color chord. As far as my dreams for music/guitar go I would very much like to make a living as a musician. Preferably a touring musician playing arenas and things like that(I for some reason have a preference for in door shows and prefer to aim high đŸ˜…)
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Sooo here is 2 min of me Jamming to BB King's Everyday I have the Blues songs. See me improv and fail at certain ideas. Join the jam! Lotta fun! I learned the beginning licks thanks to @[477:@Ids Schiere]! Give this brother some love on his harmony lessons!
Just a free flow improv over the backing track listed in the blues masterclass's lesson 2 Melody and Motif
Just practicing the blues. @[477:@Ids Schiere] told me to try to get a more aggressive vibrato..so I am working on it!
I really should be sleeping, but just watched lesson 68 and had to give it a go. Is this a good starting point ? The pinky stretch though bout killed me đŸ˜« BUT, I remember once upon a time, not too ago, I couldn’t use my pinky at all so I’ll take it lol
Started with the Blues Lessons but felt I have yet a lot to learn before attempting to write some good Blues and Motifs myself. It's easier with metal cause I listen to that a lot and already know how to play a few metal songs. So I thought to get a better understanding of Motifs I gotta learn some, starting with the intro to John Mayer's Gravity (Live in LA). Figured it out by watching someone play it and using my previously gained knowledge to quickly tap into the G Major Pentatonic scale. This is my result after working on it after two days I believe.
Hope this is what you ment @[5:@Jak Angelescu] . I first played the chords, then soloed "over" it. Only that I played an Am instead of a C. Also my dumb ass played an F pentatonic over the G chord. Oh well...
Learned this one for the Riff Challenge as suggested by @[7809:@Jesse Salmons] and it's just damn fun to play although some minor mistakes! Playing standing up cuz @[5:@Jak Angelescu] said. Also because I know my CAGED Chords I figured it was a lot easier to play that G in the E position :D Might cover the whole thing at some point.
First time playing some blues to a backing track, using the c major pentatonic scale. Hope it's not too boring for you to watch but I think it has some decent moments.
I really try to pay attention to what $yn wrote in his tips section about not getting spastic and over playing too much. I also tried to follow what papa say...
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