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I had some free time so I figured I'd make my own version of one of my favourite songs Of all time. The organ is not exactly the same and it's mostly just me having fun so i left a bunch of imperfections in. Hope you guys enjoy
I kinda lost track where I was towards the end so there's Definetely some bluffing there. Before that as well but it's a little bit less obvious 😅
There's a bunch of bluffing Involved But I think I'm able to work my way through the song fairly well. As always feedback is very much appreciated!
Like 3-4 months ago I said that I was going to be more active in the Synyster Gates School and for those who care this time I will try to keep that promise XD. A few weeks ago I saw a Rick Beato´s video that made me realise that my daily guitar routine was obsolete for me so I rearrangemented it, i bought the beato book and I paid his ear training program. The last series of videos that I uploated here was different improvisations(in the same key,G major) trying to hit a note of the chords every time that it changes and through these three moths i´ve learned the chords and arpeggios in every other key. My main goals right now are improving my improvisation, improve my finguerpicking, learnig the diminished and whole tone scale and apply them, learn to sight read(i will not do videos learning this,tho XD),and improve my rithim and tempo feel. This time I will force myself to upload videos to have a register of my progress and to have recordings of my playing so I can hear my mistakes.
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There's some bluffing Involved but I tried my hand at john mayer's cover of wait until tomorrow
I decided to jam some blues over this gorgeous backing track. Whilst it’s nothing technically advanced, I once again took so many cues from Syn in terms of groove and evoking emotion. This man continues to inspire me across so many genres, not just in metal.
So, this really could be any Blues riff. But I first heard it on Bring it on Home by Led Zeppelin. Was also dicking around with my Blues driver pedal.
E minor improv
Thoughts? just me lettin it out in e minor some pretty cool licks in there help me to 500 on ig @darealryanv
So, I learned some john mayer trio songs, then forgot like 50% of the licks/solos so it's kind of a lot of bluffing/messing up but at least I'm standing up 🤣
I wrote a blues song for the contest so I relied heavily on PGs masterclass for this. I used lessons 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for the solo and lessons 7 and 9 for the chords underneath. Lesson two is mostly clear from the use of motifs, 3 and 4 are more on the landing tones and color tones. For example I land in the third quite a lot and combine minor and major thirds over the I chord. The scale I based most of this on is the B minor pentatonic scale with some added notes making it more resemblant of the Dorian mode/voodoo scale over the IV chord. The chords used are B7/E7 and F#7 and when I start strumming I use a G7 in between the F#7 and the E7 making it a color chord. As far as my dreams for music/guitar go I would very much like to make a living as a musician. Preferably a touring musician playing arenas and things like that(I for some reason have a preference for in door shows and prefer to aim high 😅)
Sooo here is 2 min of me Jamming to BB King's Everyday I have the Blues songs. See me improv and fail at certain ideas. Join the jam! Lotta fun! I learned the beginning licks thanks to @[477:@Ids Schiere]! Give this brother some love on his harmony lessons!
Just a free flow improv over the backing track listed in the blues masterclass's lesson 2 Melody and Motif
Just practicing the blues. @[477:@Ids Schiere] told me to try to get a more aggressive vibrato..so I am working on it!