Swing it! đŸ’ƒđŸ•º
D Major jam
1,4,5 progression Dmajor fooling around
Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign, Guitar Cover
Finally finished the Riff Challenge Ids gave me. It is not perfect and I messed up a couple of times, but it really got me into blues and I am glad I did it.
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jazztastic. This was a lot of fun to get into.
PG's Blues Lick Lesson 1
This is PG's solo in the 1st Blues Lesson from the series. I kinda did it on my own, and I created licks too. Meh
44 the shitty work blues
telling it as it is STRAIGHT UP
Just some blues
Put on a track and just started playing
Just some blues
Put on a track and just started playing
Lenny Guitar Cover
Been working on this beauty by SRV
Crossroads improv
A little blues improv


improv challenge 1. I for the most part just stuck to the minor we learned in the lessons. There is one note near the end I hit 15th fret on top string that isnt part of the scale, but I dont think you hear an issue with it. I figured I'd try to create a vocal melody, although this was at 1230 am..
Always With Me, Always With You (Guitar Cover)
Guitar cover of Always With Me, Always With You by Joe Satriani. A little easy listening for the Valentine's day blues. Check out my music on: Reverbnation.c...
The Thrill Is Gone
I did this a while ago and figured I could use it as reference for my improvent doing Papa's blues course