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Groove it! 🎸🎺
I spent Christmas as my mother's house and only had an acoustic guitar with me so I worked on this nice happy vibes gypsy jazz song.
I usually only share final products of my gypsy jazz stuff but I figured since knowing the chords is fundamentally important for gypsy jazz(it's rarely one scale fits all kind of thing so you need to know the changes) I figured I'd share just me playing the chords. I also love the happy vibe this particular song has and it's never had to share some happy vibes you know 😄
This is one Robin Nolan Solo gypsy jazz etudes and I absolutely love it so I figured I'd learn it.
I can’t give you anything but love - Etude
Posted this twice because I figured it fits in both tutorials and jazz. Here’s an etude I wrote over one chorus of an old standard. The goal of this etude was to try to write lines that were breaking out of the fretboard shapes I felt too stuck in, to focus on triplets, focus on altered lines/tritone substitutions, and to try get any bebopish phrasing that I hopefully may have absorbed from listening to Charlie Parker that month. There’s a video of Syn improvising over the same standard on Instagram. Here’s the tab. Follow me on Instagram too! https://www.soundslice.com/slices/SdgVc/?from=search
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Another one of my original jazz fusion compositions. I hope some of you enjoy it!
Another new tune. I used my Strandberg Boden OS6 into a Yamaha Magicstomp for the tones. Matthew Dowie - Composition, Guitars Phil Smyth - Fretless Bass Paul...
I tried soloing over Djangology which definitely not easy to do and it's very much a work in progress still. I guess I'm gonna add some gypsy to my daily practice routine for a while(Improvising over minor swing, dark eyes, sweet georgia brown and Djangology doesn't sound that bad anyway 😊)
Little improv over Dark eyes. I did a better improv off camera and it isn't perfect so some feedback is definitely appreciated!
One of my favourite solos that I transcribed recently. From Sarah Lazarus's tune 'All Right With Me' - Enjoy! (The beginning of this is me shaking my head because I had messed up the previous take!)
Having a go at Holdsworth's solo on his song In The Mystery off the Metal Fatigue album. Gear: Strandberg Bodes OS6 Tremolo Line 6 POD Farm
From the famous version on YouTube. I decided to do another take of this. I transcribed it 2 years ago and decided to work on it some more. It is so beautifu...
I started learning guitar since 5 years ago. what do you think about my video please give a comment, in this video I actually want to give a little fast lick but I can't do it. I can't play fast
I'm practicing some arpeggios sequence and basically gypsy picking is hard to do when you go back down(or you know I have to get used to it). I also did a small solo guitar thing on Minor swing to practice applying the Arpeggios.
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