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Groove it! 🎸🎺
This is kind of one of the 'I learned it because I felt like it' ones. I was supposed to do free falling now but these short little solos are so much fun that I figured I'd just learn one real quick
Versão em chord melody de um standard de jazz. Alguns erros, mas tá valendo rsrs #chordmelody #jazz #allofme #santoangelo #dc1 #teamfacao
A little solo over All Off Me Robin Nolan wrote using octaves and chord. It's also part of my one month challenge so I guess it's one song down for that one. Up next John Mayer - Bold As Love 😅
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Robin Nolan taught this piece in the gypsy jazz transfusion club on Friday and I took the time to learn it. It's effectively a solo piece based on All Off Me
An original waltz tune of mine called Waltz For Ferry.Ferry is a man I met in Augsburg, Germany. I think it was in 2015. He heard me play a guitar in his sho...


I decided to attempt playing a Django song note for note for a change. It's not perfect but I'm mind of medium Happy with it. Some of Django's licks are kind of a pain to play and not that easy to refiner but I tried 😅
I wrote another little jazz ditty for the diminished challenged the instagram team issued. I may or may not be considering writing a jazz album but time isn't exactly on my side 😅
“Don’t worry about me”- Django Reinhardt: Opening solo
Django Reinhardt’s birthday just passed and I posted a solo of his that I transcribed, on my Instagram. There are a few players that have had massive influences my musical development. From Synyster Gates, to John Mayer, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, and a few more really had an impact on me, but Django Reinhardt might be the most influential on me. Because of his music, I’ve played with amazing musicians, attended awesome concerts, learned how to play jazz, and bombarded my girlfriend with 1930’s swing music for countless hours.
I spent Christmas as my mother's house and only had an acoustic guitar with me so I worked on this nice happy vibes gypsy jazz song.
I usually only share final products of my gypsy jazz stuff but I figured since knowing the chords is fundamentally important for gypsy jazz(it's rarely one scale fits all kind of thing so you need to know the changes) I figured I'd share just me playing the chords. I also love the happy vibe this particular song has and it's never had to share some happy vibes you know 😄
This is one Robin Nolan Solo gypsy jazz etudes and I absolutely love it so I figured I'd learn it.
I can’t give you anything but love - Etude
Posted this twice because I figured it fits in both tutorials and jazz. Here’s an etude I wrote over one chorus of an old standard. The goal of this etude was to try to write lines that were breaking out of the fretboard shapes I felt too stuck in, to focus on triplets, focus on altered lines/tritone substitutions, and to try get any bebopish phrasing that I hopefully may have absorbed from listening to Charlie Parker that month. There’s a video of Syn improvising over the same standard on Instagram. Here’s the tab. Follow me on Instagram too! https://www.soundslice.com/slices/SdgVc/?from=search


Another one of my original jazz fusion compositions. I hope some of you enjoy it!
Another new tune. I used my Strandberg Boden OS6 into a Yamaha Magicstomp for the tones. Matthew Dowie - Composition, Guitars Phil Smyth - Fretless Bass Paul...
I tried soloing over Djangology which definitely not easy to do and it's very much a work in progress still. I guess I'm gonna add some gypsy to my daily practice routine for a while(Improvising over minor swing, dark eyes, sweet georgia brown and Djangology doesn't sound that bad anyway 😊)
Little improv over Dark eyes. I did a better improv off camera and it isn't perfect so some feedback is definitely appreciated!
One of my favourite solos that I transcribed recently. From Sarah Lazarus's tune 'All Right With Me' - Enjoy! (The beginning of this is me shaking my head because I had messed up the previous take!)
Having a go at Holdsworth's solo on his song In The Mystery off the Metal Fatigue album. Gear: Strandberg Bodes OS6 Tremolo Line 6 POD Farm