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Groove it! 🎸🎺
One of my favourite solos that I transcribed recently. From Sarah Lazarus's tune 'All Right With Me' - Enjoy! (The beginning of this is me shaking my head because I had messed up the previous take!)
Having a go at Holdsworth's solo on his song In The Mystery off the Metal Fatigue album. Gear: Strandberg Bodes OS6 Tremolo Line 6 POD Farm
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From the famous version on YouTube. I decided to do another take of this. I transcribed it 2 years ago and decided to work on it some more. It is so beautifu...
I started learning guitar since 5 years ago. what do you think about my video please give a comment, in this video I actually want to give a little fast lick but I can't do it. I can't play fast
I'm practicing some arpeggios sequence and basically gypsy picking is hard to do when you go back down(or you know I have to get used to it). I also did a small solo guitar thing on Minor swing to practice applying the Arpeggios.
Sorry about the little bit of spam I'm doing at the moment but Robin asked me to play some gypsy jazz so he could give me some feedback on my playing and a bit more directed tips. I figured I'd share that here too.
I learnt this from watching a demonstration from the very gifted Paul Allen, took me a moment to figure out and I have to practice more to be more fluid but ...
I'm getting better with the floating wrist. I love how practice works😃
I am experimenting with utilizing the lessons with different genres. Today I tried jazz and these are 2 separate jams🖤💚🖤
I'm practicing the first lick I play here and I think I'm doing somewhat okay at it
Hi everyone! This is my first time attempting the Pink Panther theme ever and on my birthday, and I hope you enjoy it! It's always been my favorite jazzy tune. P.S. I hope I put this in the right place and hope I can impress you by revisiting this in the future. I spent only a few hours practicing.
I created a gypsy jazz album on my profile so I probably will be posting my gypsy jazz stuff in there, check it out! Feedback is always appreciated!