Shred it! 🎸🔊
Okay, this is A FIRST for me, so really exciting. Began to write a metal song on guitar, that is where I have it right now. I did a couple of mistakes and am far from finished writing it. Tuning is B. Feedback appreciated!
The video is from a botched take where I played the last part on the wrong string, so ignore that. Other than that, I'm pretty happy with this. Bends are a little sloppy though.
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Celebrating the Launch of Doom Eternal I decided to cover RIP & TEAR from 2016s Doom Soundtrack by Mick Gordon.
Hey guys ! Here is my guitar cover of the song "Pray For Rain" from the new Polaris' album The Death Of Me. Enjoy ! :D
Decided to do a short video of the intro to "now that we're dead" by Metallica as I use that song to warm up but also to practice my rhythm playing.
Nightmare solo
So its been a year that I started playing guitar this month, and I decided to challenge myself a lot with this...Its far from perfect, I had to go back a lot to alternate picking lessons when I had time wich was good but still struggling to alternate picking so fast...anyway sound a bit like the Nighmare solo so I have to say Im happy with this since Ive been practicing on weekends since last month...maybe in a few months I can do it again and make it sound way better :)
Showing you what I've been working on for months now. Not at all satisfied with this but I keep on working. I can play it up to speed when warmed up enough but I have serious trouble playing well in front of a cam lately.
If you have ghosts First solo cover
So the band Ghost announced a new Papa and because of that ai decided to play one of my favourite solos. Btw. Check out my picking hand....I think I found a definite way to pick ( and all thanks to a sock!)
So following the last video and my sh*t bends I decided to practice them a bit today xD I watched the lesson 43 "Introduction to bending strings" again, but I still cant hit the notes I want all the time! I guess I keep practicing :P Anyway instead of recording the same solo I tried another one that have enough bends including 1/2 and full bends.
Learned this within a few days, so I'm not exactly on time with the backing track. But it was fun recording it. Happy Valentines Day.
Here’s a riff for The Synyster Gates Guitar website :) Im playing through a Dean ML 79 into a 50 watt evh 6l6. It's inspired by Jacky Vincent from Falling in Reverse and Cry Venom. I'm thinking of upgrading the neck pickup. Hmmm... anyone have any experience with the Syn neck pickups.