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Recorded at 1312 ACAB Lounge The Banter 0:00-1:50Neyxt 1:50-3:34Banter 3:34-4:07To Breakthrough 4:07-9:06More Foolishness 9:06-9:25Stormin 9:25-13:07Banter 1...
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My first ever complete song production / lyric video. Used a lot of techniques I picked up off this site. Enjoy!
Cyborg ***Bass Tune*** ***LOUD*** got it done from last night my gta 5 ps3 glitched and i sampled it ialso made a video need to recharge I also tried to do the comping and recording from where left off learned from Radu other night :D made a picture video to go with it
I recorded stuff last night and compiled a video. I thought I saved it before moving/deleting everything to make space, it's gone. Still got the uncut videos but I don't want to edit it again. It's long and tedious, am getting faster at it so that's good I guess. I'm just going to share 2 of them and one more tomorrow maybe. I thought they were pretty cool, it's just random playing from the other night.
Projekt 35
Cyborg ***LOUD BASS*** i got another thing done, the bass is loud again. i sampled tracks from youtube. it took me 3 days with doing other practice and stuff. it gave me headache and lost sleep but i'm happy the way it turned out. i thin kit needs more bounce. there's like this weird sound i couldn' get rid of in the kick bass
00:00-00:54 IYFIYD00:54-3:33 My Conclusions3:33-4:35 Too Much4:35-6:55 Yeah, No6:55- 9:02 AcetoneSIDE B quote unquote9:02-12:10 Silence(No Sleep)12:10-13:39 ...
Hey y’all ! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted any videos. Life has been busy but today I had a few moments to myself ! I recently put some heavier strings on my lady Ruby so I could do some lower tunings and while messing around today, came up with this. Let me know what y’all think ! 🤘🏻 (Also, sorry if the audio quality sucks, y’all already know I’m not tech savvy and only use my phone to record 😂)
Here is the final version of a solo I wrotte for one of my song. This solo is completely different from what I wrote until this day. It has been heavily insp...
I got this guitar when I got out of the hospital but never really play on it so I figured today I'll play on it a little bit and wrote this little ditty. The guitar itself is dusty and the strings are very old so kinda badly intonated (I'm waiting for my package form Thomann to ship) As for the music, what it is is something that's a mix of E harmonic and E melodic minor(Em|B7|Cdim7|A7) with an F diminished thing(which can function as an E7 so V chord ) leading up to something in A harmonic minor(Am|Dm|E7|Am) where at the end I put a little A7 to lead back to the thing in E melodic minor. At the end there's a C diminished thing(as sub for B7) that leads to it resolving on Em.
Some World
Cyborg ***It's Loud*** I made another song, it's not very long. Is this cool? I didn't spend much time on the guitar parts, spent like 2 days on this. I sampled a song called capoxxo - ouueeoueou
Hi guys, here is a solo I'm writing. It's not finish yet, but wanted to share it here.
Something I wrote the other day, I'm trying to improve on my technique so what are some things I should focus on?
Soul's Last Breath - Demo song (2021)
Demo song, I used virtual bass and drums, so there may be some errors. A7x inspired me a lot. Tell me what you think