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Original Songs/Riffs

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Hi! a solo from my band!, We are from México Solo de la canción Orgullo del disco Vives Mueres de Brizz Equipo utilizado: Schecter C-6 FR Pro Line 6 Pod HD500X Garage Band Gopro Hero 4


Finally finished another lesson on the CAGED system, some are long for me. Bar 13 I got inspired and got the 1st. Bar 20 I heard this old song in my head went something like the 2nd and than on bar 30 for some reason I got the 3rd one. I kept doing the parts of the lesson up till after the string skipping part. Than today finally finished the rest of the lesson. It probably has nothing to do with C or something, but I thought it was cool.
I thought the lead sounded organic so I left it, it is edited from like a 1 min recording. I made the beat by accident and thought it was cool, than came the rhythm than the lead. The beat is a mix of 2 I made and mixed it. I spent all day making this, editing it and my last one. Is the timing bad? Or are the guitars out there? They're not written in stone.
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@[347:@ashley willis] came up with this lead part today and asked me to do rhythm. After a few minutes of figure it out this is what we got ! I’m so freaking excited about this ! It was so fun coming up with something on the fly and I really feel like it could he something. If it wasn’t for the school we definitely wouldn’t be where we are now !
Recorded a VERY rough demo that I want to go with my metal track I am writing. I have not practiced this enough and did not keep an eye on timing, speed etc. Included a verse and chorus too to get the overall vibe and picture. Would love to hear your thoughts on this! I know @[4668:@Alicia Willis] was excited to hear the solo to this. And so you don't stare a black screen I have a pic of my flying v with my own custom strap for you :P
This is our first music video on our song "Break Loose" from LP "Powder". #metal #guitar #solo Forty Muskets' official music video for 'Break Loose' from the 'Powder' album Facebook https://www.facebook.com/fortymuskets/ Instagram https://www.instagram...
Improvised guitar solo live at Voodoo Belfast on 24/07/18 Gear: Strandberg Boden OS6 Tremolo Fender Vaporiser EHX Freeze Boss DD3 Boss Power Stack Boss RV6 T...
The other song I wrote for my little EP I put out a few weeks ago. Last time I posted it was the "metal" instrumental, this one brings much more bluesy/lo-Fi hip-hop vibes. I also sampled a clip from the show, Cowboy Bebop. Let me know what you think!
Had some fun jamming the middle section of my original tune, but I replaced the solo with my collab solo and added an unused riff as well. Not as fancy without all the effects of the actual song but very fun to play.
Hey everyone! I have finally put out some new music and this is a metal instrumental I wrote. There's also another one, but that's more of a Lo-FI type beat with some bluesy licks throughout. I hope you all dig it and follow me on Youtube/Spotify! Thanks!
This is our very first single "Sober". From our upcoming EP that we're recording right now. More music coming soon! Stay Tuned S.I.N Facebook: https://www.fa...
This is the acoustic version of one of my bands songs. The orignal (rock/metal) version comes out on august 1st.
with a bit more practice, i probably could have managed the lead in a single take but i was eager to move on and, really, just happy i figured out how to get...
So I wrote a little more to my song I dubbed "New Age" for now and I wanted to have it in a dual guitar context. Currently I have 2 Verses and Choruses and a Bridge that leads to a solo but I did not write the solo yet. Sorry that it's all a little off timing and sync wise but I am excited to share my progress on this with you guys!