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Improv, sort of.
I know I should be able to play much better than this after all those years of playing, but now after it I feel my fingers and I realise I just don’t play like this enough. I almost forgot how to do bents and vibrato because I’ve focused more on metal rhythm for a while.
Original Late Night Jam.
I really love incorporating tons of different rhythmic ideas in one riff, while keeping the notes somewhat on the simple side. Go give me a follow and drop a like!
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An older upload of an even older idea
Excuse the bad quality. This is a part of a song I once started writing but never finished. It's something I still play so I figured why not uploading it here? I want to finish it someday. Edit: I just found a 3 minute rough unfinished version of this in my files but I don't know if it's worth uploading
This is my jam on Drop C. Hope you enjoy! :D #Pancada #RipMizinha All Rights Reserved.


Wrote this song, bass, guitar, vocals. Thanks syn for everything you have taught me during your classes. Thanks to anyone who checks it out and gives me a thumbs up. Keep rocking.
Live 27.09.2019 with the band Forty Muskets
Here's a little part of a show with the band Forty Muskets. That was awesome! Hope you'll enjoy it. Live 27.09.2019. T #music #metal #rock #metalcore #hardrock
This is, "May I Have This Last Dance?" I think I did okay with this song.
This is the first song I've recorded. Ever, if you want to listen to the original recording it'll be under Gabe The Guitar Babe on sound cloud and it's prett...


A bit of a song I’ve been working on called “Ciphers”. The full song is written out, some of the parts are just tricky and I don’t have them 100% down yet so I strung this together from the main parts of the verse and chorus :)
We didnt try session version
a live session of our original song entitled we didnt try. studio version linked below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=btzmxLrXD0A
Hey! This is my instrumental song, tell my please what do you think about this track ;)

Demo song

I've uploaded this song before but I've changed the sound. I haven't rerecorded it and there still isn't a bass in it. I wonder if it's better?
self inflicted.mp3
I am working on this currently. I have to figure out how to write a bridge. currently it is Em Am Em Am C the whole time. Any suggestions on Chord progressions that would make a good bridge?
March To War.mp3
I'm the guy that makes people shit their pants in the mosh pit!


a new song that I put together today while jamming. the main melody i hhad in my head for two weeks. its in the chorus on the lead. the rest of this all came together pretty fast.
I wrote this short piece of music and a chorus and verse for another song today. I decided to just share this one, I'll put a melody on top of this one later and for the other one I still have lyrics and a bridge to figure out
Here's a demo I made a few months back. My goal at the time of making this was finishing it, so I copy pasted some parts. I didn't have time to rerecord the guitars. Finishing something you may not consider perfect gives more satisfaction than having ideas you like catching dust.