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Hi! this is my video for the SGS instagram contest. Well, sorry if my english it's not good but tried my best, i have to practice more. So, the lesson that i choose was the major and minor chords (lesson 17) and some things about the CAGED system (lesson 30) i used all this things in my riff, also with some embellishments and some arpeggios with the pick. I used Am, Em and D (major and minor chords) Bm, C and D (caged system). This is my video and i hope you enjoy it, and sorry again if my english it's not the best, but i tried :D
HI, here is my video for the IG RIFF CONTEST, sorry for my english it´s not my first language but hope is clear enough to understand XD. I based my riff on lesson 48 (Introduction to building chords) & lesson 49 (Building More Complicated Chords) in order to create a cool progression and playing a solo over it. My riff is in Em scale and also has the influence from Avenged Sevenfold which is my favorite band. Thank you very much!! keep rocking Instagram:
I was a bit anxious/nervous about showing my face on camera so I look a bit twitchy. Lol. I meant to say that Jimmy Page inspired me to want to play electric guitar and Syn inspired me to learn it.
My first completed song with lyrics
wanted to re-record stuff but it kept changing things. vocals have too much treble or some, it's hard. took me about a week or so including days off. the solo isn't much, was having a hard time trying to write
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This little composition is based on 3 lessons: The 3-1-3 Economy Picking Lesson Alternate Picking And The Exercise From Hell (Lesson 75). The first riff which is the main riff combines all of them this techniques into one riff basically. I practiced this lessons heavily for the last week and that is the result. The tablature for the main riff is: D ------------------------------4-7----------------------------7-4--- A -----------------------------6------------------------------------6- E 5-7-8-5-7-6-5-7-8-5-6-7-8-----5-7-8-5-7-6-5-7-8-5-7-8------8 And then it is modulated and repeats itself. I would glad to hear what you guys think about it and I hope I got the concept of the contest right haha (English is not my first language...) I like the school because I like Synyster Gates's guitar work and find it very inspirational. The school does great job at explaining and helping guitarists improve their performance. My dream is to be a full time musician. I sing and play guitar.
Was supposed to upload a rough draft the other day. I wrote the lyrics in about 5 minutes after some bad times. I forced it out and tried not to use the same words too many times. I was using some other chords at first and wasn't satisfying. I used the riff I started early October and the melody changed. I need to practice changing it a little faster and more accurately. I feel awkward, but it's cool. I think the last part will be my chorus. It's a rough draft, but I'm happy how it's turning out. Some words I might change in the future, maybe you guys got some suggestions for structure or anything really. I kind of want to try and finish this one day. \../, haha Kermit
I think it's Blues/Rock. Was messing around with simple chords a couple nights ago, trying to smoothly change between them with bass notes. I thought " This sounds like that song "Hit the Road Jack" ". Listened to the song and got disappointed. Still thought it was cool though, I played it better yesterday, was able to play double bass notes with the strumming. Forgot how to play it. Got fatigue and it's late so it's not so loud. I tried tapping my feet and bang my head, also tried to use different fingers. My middle finger is the strongest, I use it often. Seems my pinky is pretty good too, my annular is the weakest so I guess that makes my index second best. I used a rubber band to help separate my ring and pinky, before I recorded this video. This Riff is tricky for me, feels like there's a skip/hop before it repeats, working out how to do it better still. Thanks for reading/listening, it's still a bit off.
eminem - my name is (mix)
I made another beat, worked on it last night and this afternoon. I focused mostly on picking sounds that I thought sounded cool together and what I'm currently capable of creating. I mixed different kits/apps from the ones available on GarageBand. I could only input 2-3 sounds at a time so I had to layer them, they're looped and a little off. After the beat I added Eminem's vocal track from "My Name Is", I than looped the beat tracks to fit the vocal track. My second focus was the bass line, I decided to go with a constant alternating pace between 2 single note riffs, played it along with the song after I added the vocal track. After all that I didn't know where to fit guitar parts, hesitant on the right sounds and it may get cluttered. I already heard parts I could fix or add and I might jam over the beat for fun, got a habit for not revisiting stuff I was working on. Probably my best project yet, thanks for listening. \../,
Practice some keyboard earlier, took me a while to edit, kept the camera rolling. It's still a bit long, I hope you don't get board xD It's probably not every good, I just started playing recently. I know the Major Chord
This is a really cool set of covers I found on YouTube. It's a set of some of the best A7X songs where all the parts are preformed acoustically. It's really well done performance and edit wise. I thought the site might enjoy it, so I posted it here. To be clear, THIS IS NOT ME. All credit goes to the creator.
The guitar sound for this track is my Marshall JCM 800 direct out from the FX loop with a Celestion G12-80 loaded cab IR.
Syn's tips for this lesson are to use ornamentation/embellishing in order to make your chords and soloing more interesting. This helps in developing your own style and making your playing unique to you. I took this as a challenge to use nothing but the scales/arpeggios presented in this lesson and turn them in to a song. This is what I came up with.
This is a Riff I came up with inspired by Synyster Gates I came up with this using Syns sweep lesson 4
We’re all kids band from Myanmar 🇲🇲 Please take a listen when you have time
Lesson 69 Overview of the Pentatonic Solo Pattern Mixed a bunch a bunch of stuff I learned recently and tried to apply it I started first by picking a lesson that would build on what I was already working on, which was Pentatonics. Being it my first scale, I thought I knew it all after just the Am Pentatonic, but I guess there were more shapes. In the Tip he said to try it out on the other Scales as well so I went and mesmerized the Major Pentatonic shapes. So the lesson said to use the 2/3 3/2 patterns to move around easy and it for sure got me going. I tried to use it as much as I could, wasn't trying to be groovy or melodic or add spices like bends. Kind of went off scale on some parts, it was pretty much improve. I did jam over my jam track many times. I tried to use everything CAGED I could think of mixed with Pentatonics and Blue notes here and there. Not sure if I used it right, but the starting riff and background chords I tried to play in one position with the CAGED shapes.
Here’s my entry to the pedal contest. Some beginner stuff here, I would name it “Nothing fancy”. Since one of my goals is feeling the fretboard, memorizing it from top to bottom, I’m exploring the arps and triads. So here I’m basing on lesson 50, where Syn says “you need to memorize the sound of all four triads”. There’s a lot on the plate here and as a beginner I need to take small bites, that’s why I’m focusing on the major triads and arpeggios. I created my backing track in D and messed around (and messed up sometimes too, lol) a little with my arps and triads, finding the notes moving up and down the fretboard slowly. I should mention too that I’ve finally internalized another one of Syn’s tips, which he mentions in a lot of the lessons (like lesson 38 for example) and I’m trying to practice slowly and make my playing smooth.
Well... I tried xD. To adress rule #1 directly: A major cornerstone of Blues (sorry for the pun) is the I7 IV7 V7 chord progression. Now, Syn tells us in his tips for lesson 68, that a cool scale to chose over this progression is the mixolydian scale, which is a major scale with a flat 7. He tells us to directly adress each chord with its corresponding scale. So for my backing track, that would be E7 with E mixo, A7 with A mixo, B7 with B mixo. Apart from the whole theory stuff, the biggest areas of work for me are still: a) technical skill and b) creative ideas. I found it pretty challenging adressing each chord with its own scale, while also trying to pay attention to the shared notes to make the transitions smooth... and then still coming up with licks that fit all the constraints and are still melodic. Well, here is the result, I tried, and I will continue to try, haha :D.
So as a complete beginner I used to get intimidated by Syn and other musicians when they switched between strumming and string-skipping arpeggios over chord progressions. And after a decent amount of time, I could play these string skipping sections but they never felt natural to me. As Syn mentions in lesson 44 (string skipping): The only way to get….If you don’t use it, you lose it!”. So at first, I had to sorta force this style into my playing but later it’s funny that it actually became my go-to. For the alternate picking, Syn mentions in lesson 40, “Apply this to your pentatonics, ...and repeat.” and that has helped me with the fluidity even outside of the metal scene. Lastly, I can’t stress enough how important metronome practice for alternate picking has been for me when it came to increasing speed and fluidity gradually. Syn always mentions this (like in lesson 40) along with emphasizing the use of jam tracks! (couldn't quote him because of the word limit :3)
Confession time... this is my first riff. This contest prompted me to write one, and I actually think it turned out really well. The Syn's Tips that I used the most were lessons 48, on chord building, 71, on the chromatic scale, 73, on alternate picking, and 47 on pinch harmonics. I used chord building (48) throughout the clean part of the riff, extending and augmenting the chords. I used the chromatic scale (71) in the dirty part using those half steps. The pinch harmonics lesson (47) helped me figure out how to hit those with consistency in the dirty part, and the alternate picking lesson (73) helped me simply become a better player. Thanks to everyone who set up the contest and for taking the time to listen to my first riff. Bye!
Hello everyone, Papa Gat s lessons of scale mods helped me a lot, with the help of them I wrote a solo for our song !! and even shot a video))) thanks for the school !!!
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