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Syn tip from lesson 29 "changing pentatonic scales - two chords". When i'm practicing improvising or composing solos, lead parts in my demos I always follow chord progression and change scales without changing position. In this solo i use some arpeggios, i'm shifting different scales over particular chord, but i always keep that tip in my mind. Thanks Syn!
Lesson 78 : economy picking Tip : the 313 Pattern Salut Syn ! Hi ! Here is my participation to your contest. Hope you'll enjoy it :)
Syn tip riffs pedal contest entry
Lesson 103 alternate picking, I apply a simple pentatonic run in the 7th fret Em pentatonic position, alternate picking and a little bit of string skipping at the end of the riffs, i practice it slowly in order to have it cleaned, and maintain alternate picking before gradual change of speed. Sorry for the audio quality i just recorded it on mobile phone because it is the only available. Thank you for this opportunity and cheers to all people in this community.
This is my submission for the Synyster Gates Pedal Contest! I never really got into sweeps but I decided to take this opportunity to learn some two-string sw...
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I wrote this short little jazz bit for the contest. Syn's tip I use comes from lesson 106 "For example, each time you come across the "V" chord when you're playing to the backing track, play a different concept we've discussed over it each time. Let's say you play a Super Locrian over it the first time, next time play a C minor arpeggio over it(since we are in "E"). The next time play your Tritone Substitution but arpeggiate it meaning that you would play an F7 arpeggio. Next play a C minor9 arp and so on and so forth." I went a little lenient on it and just took it as use a different idea each time you come across the V chord where I mixed some of Syn's suggestions with my own. The 2 V chords in the chord progression are F#7 and E7. Over F#7 I used F# mixolydian, a john mayer lick, super locrian and a tritone substitution(C#7 arpeggio) Over E7 I used Double harmonic major scale, phrygian dominant scale, dominant diminished and a gypsy jazz lick I like to use.
I used some of the Papa Gates lesson, like: at the beginning arpeggios with major and minor chords and power chords for the prinicipal riff. This sounds like Blink-182 but i tried my best, my fingers hurt a little bit but i'm fine. This riff i think it's a little catchy. I used the Syn's tip of the lessons 16 that he said to "embellishment" the chords by playing different notes when you are strumming, so i used that in the intro and some types of rythm in the principal riff with the power chords, and the arpeggio to create the riff of the song. Also i used the Syn's tip of the lesson 17, that it's basically the ear training, to transcribe the songs that you want, like i heard some melody in my head and i want to "transcribing" in the guitar with the chords, so used that tips.
Riff for Papa Gates Riff contest (Hey look at ME Its mY First VidEo!!!1) I've been stuck on the first lesson of sweeping for a looongg while... so figured I'd make a quick riff. forgive my poor editing skills..
The timing is off, just came up with it and had to document it. Thought it sounded cool and wanted to share. What do you guys think? I already changed it up a little after recording, i was able to work it into one position. Can I still use this for my Syn's tip's Riff's Challenge? If i can relate it to the CAGED somehow and after re-recording it? My guitar is tuned down a full step, D standard and I was using my GarageBand amplifier. Thanks for watching!
Papa Gates & Syn inspired riff.
Came up with this after learning proper alternate picking from Syn's lessons. I believe it's a Cmajor7th chord, sorta jazzy. Papa Gates Blues lesson's have been detrimental to finding more of my own voice, using chord progressions, and practicing scales. Love the fact that I'm surrounded with so many fellow supportive guitar player's. Rock on guy's!❤🤘
For this solo, I was not only inspired by Syn’s technique, but his sense of melody and groove. Written (perhaps unsurprisingly) in the Key of D Minor, I first consulted the second Alternate Picking class in order to work on my note articulation and achieve a sense of fluidity when playing my ascending scale runs, adding chromaticism for added “quirkiness” (one of Syn’s great tips). Similarly, the first Sweep Picking lesson helped me enormously in improving my technique. As an intermediate player, sweep picking has always presented itself as a daunting task, but this video in particular helped me to practice my three note arpeggios, laying a good foundation to tackle the more complex arpeggio patterns. The first Minor Blues lesson gave me further inspiration, helping me to realise that speed and technical prowess aren’t always indicative of a great solo, but “feel”, an awareness of the chord progressions you’re playing over/circle of 5ths and a sense of dynamics are much more important.
This is my entry attempt for this awesome contest. The riff that I wrote requires a lot of palm muting technique, that I am learning from ,,Lesson 18- Introduction to Power Chords and Palm Muting". As Syn said it ,, This is the main rhythm style and technique for Avenged Sevenfold" so it was a most for me to learn it :)) I was focusing really hard to nail this with maximum precision, plus I layered the tracks ( 5 guitar tracks, 2 on the left, 2 on the right, one in the middle), so it had to be dead on. The hardest part for me was changing between palm muted and unmuted notes, because in this riff one palm muted note is followed by an unmuted one almost every time. And also there is a little bit of string skipping too. I hope you like it and good luck to every Synner! Cheers! :))
Decided to post my riff after the encouragement I got from many of you. As I said, it's not much, but I am proud of it. I returned to the CAGED System and based my Riff around Syn's Tip in Lesson 29, where he encourages us to stay in one position when playing and making the most of it. To demonstrate why that is benefitial I played my chords in different positions first and the main riff all in one position. Here's the theory behind it: My Riff is based around Dm, the Chord Progression is Dm-F-G (Dm-A-Dm-A-F-A-Dm-A-G-A-G-A to be exact). The main riff is sweeping the arpeggios (I think) all based around the fifth fret, using Dm in the Am shape, A in the E shape, the C shape for F and the D shape for G. I always play D, F or G arpeggio on the up sweep and the A on the down sweep. I am doing this in so much detail to get some extra practice with the CAGED system. Also I am aware there is no F# in my key, which I play when sweeping the G arpeggio but I thought it adds a nice touch.
hiii this is my entry attempt for this contest, my fingers hurts a bit ahahah, but i hope i'll be worth the time, in reality i didn't use a Syn's tip but i tried to create using the tapping technique for this "synyster gates" kinda riff hope you like it and wish me luck cheers from🇮🇹
So this is my entry, as some of you know by now I'm a very beginner but I wanted to participate. At this stage of learning I've been focusing more on rhythm play over soloing, so, for this contest, I thought I would get out of my comfort zone and come up with a little solo of my own (my very very first!!!) following lesson 10 "Just for fun - six magic notes for soloing". Syn's tips is: " Help each other find the tonal centers of your favourite songs so you can start jamming with em. Share your jams by uploading your videos to the Discussion Thread or Original Riffs". I tried to jam on a famous song, but really didn't feel like I was doing something really mine, so I used a backing track (in A minor) and played a little solo using the six notes of the pentatonic pattern as shown by PG. Hope it qualifies to enter the competion, if not, please admins let me know and I'll work on something else 🖤
One of Syn's really useful tips in Lesson 37 was to commit as much of the Circle of Fifths to memory as possible - something I had put off doing for a while before joining the school. So I decided to memorize it properly and see if I could write a short instrumental cycling through all 12 keys in Lydian - which gives it this weird wonky feel - I put a creative twist in this one and got my foot involved too. Definitely had too much fun making this :D enjoy!
This lick that I developed employs multiple 3-1-3 patterns. I'm not sure how 'musical' it is theory-wise, but I obviously didn't play a pentatonic-based lick, as he stated in the lesson video that the 3-1-3 pattern can be played in non-pentatonic variants.
Hey! This is my entry for the pedal contest. For this riff I wanted to try and tell a story with the guitar parts so theres a lot of harmonies woven in and almost like a call and response between the guitar parts but I just video taped the main lead part. I pictured what it'd be like if you were able to dream with your favorite person in the world and could control your dreams and do whatever you wanted in them and that was the inspiration behind it. When it comes to using techniques I learned in some lessons I'd say the Intro to Hybrid Picking definitely helped with this. Specifically within those lessons I used simultaneous hybrid picking, along with the chordal arpeggiated hybrid picking that Papa Gates explains, in "Syn's Tips" he describes the versatility of this technique (applicable to metal, jazz, fusion, classical and in this case I applied it to a more math rock context) and I never understood that till I learned how to hybrid pick. Anyways hope you all enjoy and good luck!
Here is a little something I wrote using Syn's tips from lesson 90. More specifically the "Holdworthian" sound with lots of legato and big stretches. A lot of these licks come from our standard sweeps and arpeggio shapes that we all know and love but throwing in some legato and passing tones. Enjoy! :)
I was weary to post this because it’s not the kind of “riff” I normally see here, but it does fit the very basic definition of a riff so I hope this is okay. I love fingerpicking and have been trying it for awhile over simple basic chords. Syns tips in lesson 91 made me move away from my beloved Am chord 🤣 Syn talks about suspended chords and add chords etc.basically unique voicings. I was going to do a variation with my beloved Am and a Aminor6 but I branched out and tried some new chords. I’m using: E minor 7 Cadd9 G major D/F# Also, I’ve never named anything but “Raindrops” seemed perfect. I love sitting outside during a shower or storm and this little riff sounds to me exactly how the raindrops sound as they fall onto various objects around me. ❤️
It started out half step down, I never knew this chord before it's E:5A:3D:5 and down to E:3A:2D:3 or with and open D into E:0A:3D2 into E:1A:3D:0 and last E:3A:2D:0 I guess those are the base chords. I can play a slow part to it as well, still messing around with it. I'm having trouble figuring out the chords for the melody part where I mess up. Btw this is my new amp settings, just got it earlier. Treble:0 Middle:0 Bass:0 Distortion:11. On my guitar I use only the top pickup and Tone knobs both at 0 and adjust volume for Distortion. In the comments I'm going to add the 2 other versions of it I recorded. Which do you guys think sounds cool? I'm trying to find my sound. Maybe you guys got some suggestions that could direct me some? I also have some trouble with writing, Thanks in advance!
Recording Guitar solos with my custom finished Marvel Comics Electra Omega. Check out my Instagram page for pics of that guitar mod.
Song From my mexican band Brizz "Vives Mueres" Album Schecter c6 FR Pro Gopro Hero 4 POD HD5...