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Quarantine Jamz

In March of 2020, we ran out of toilet paper. But we did not run out of music. Weeks of isolation bred these brutal riffs
It has been AGES since I've been active here. I moved through three different countries since I was last active and life has been crazy, but I've been playing a lot in quarantine and recently managed to play this. Hope you enjoy it! The MoP interlude on a classical guitar (although played like an acoustic). I also played the backing track on this video!
Just a little experiment I had in mind. Coincidentally that is the song I learned in my very first Jam session with a good buddy of mine!
After doing another CJ's 2 Cents(https://syngates.com/media/cjs-2-cents-lesson-59-overview-of-the-modes.3562/) I had to improv to [email protected] Angelescu
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We had Quarantine Jams, but why not "full" concerts? Basicly choose a couple of songs and play them front to back, without a cut. So here is the setlist: Bullet for my Valentine - Don't Need You - Hand of Blood - Room 409 - Waking The Demon Bonus: Trivium - Drowning in the Sound I think I got too carried away sometimes, but I think I still did pretty well, considering I was barely able to play one full song without messing up at the end of the year. Also first time hearing everything recorded. Hope y'all enjoy and maybe jump in too with your own Quarantine concert! \m/
Hi guys! Carlos here with another lick from the ongoing Quarantine Lick collection. So my challenge from the last week was to learn the Hirayoshi Scale, and ...
Quarantine Jamz Nr.7 Ghost Cirice solo cover
Wellp, only took a big chunk out of my time....this solo was one of my goal solos...before I started playing guitar. It was the first ghost song I have ever heard...and made me fall in love with them. I used a backing track so one could hear the solo I play...(for good and bad) I still need to work on my sound but I am happy with what I got now. Time will make me improve! P.S. The fast bit in the solo...the scale run...now way in hell could I play that with alternate picking...so I guess I used legato! For the win!
Some minor triad pairs over a C major chord! F# in B minor outlines the Lydian mode! :)
EN: Earlier this year (before the pandemic) I was very honored and humbled to be invited to participate with very talented guitarists of Panama City in this ...
I've spend way too many times on tiktok lately(it's scary how addicting it is) and there's this melody that keeps coming back so I figured I'd do something with it and improv after. It's in Cm which is a new key to me, that's where some of the hiccups come from and sometimes I just flat out mess up
Quarantine Jamz #6.....So long #Fakerighty
Finally learned how to unflip the picture and now ya'll can see me in my true lefty form XD. And also playing a lefty King's song...Albert King...Well my blues has a lot of growing to...PG's masterclass here I come.
Another late night practice/ jam session in my room. I'm a big Evanescence fan and there's a few of their songs I've always wanted to cover, I'm finally at a level with my rhythm guitar and my voice where I can do them justice so this is my work in progress video. There is still a lot of work to do to, but it's coming along nicely. Promised @[5:@Jak Angelescu] I'd post more work in progress riffs. ;)
Late night quarantine jam in my bedroom, I'm singing quietly as not to wake anybody up. This is a song I used to play a long time ago, coming back to it now made me feel very good. My hand is playing the way I used to play before I learned Papa Gates' correct technique cause I practiced it that way so many times, I'm gonna have to re-teach it to myself with proper technique. I want to do more of this.
My brain is kinda fried right now so I figured I'd share what I play when I don't feel inspired that much. It's basically just noodling without any real idea in mind.
Quarantine Jamz Nr.5 A fun little experiment.
Gearing up for that shredd collab learned Audio and some video editing. Hope you enjoy this little jam. Used Audacity and Olive. Both free software. There are also some really cool tutorials for boty of them online. Let me know If you want me to share them!
Quarantine Jamz Nr.4! This Charming man
$ynners...I finally did it. 100% speed. Im so happy this is one of my all time favourite songs. I love the unending arpeggios. Johnny Marr is one of the Greatests!
Quarantine Jamz Nr.3  Dance Macabre by Ghost.
Quarantine Jamz Nr.3 Dance Macabre by Ghost. By far....my least liked song of theirs.......but the solo rippss!
Quarantine Jamz Gates School Nr. 2
Quarantine Jamz Synyster Gates School Nr. 2 Playing over Monstrance Clock by my beloved Ghost....I tried to sweep and tap...emphasis on tried.
A Medley of two bands and eight songs, can you name them all? Made a couple of mistakes but I think you can recognize all of them :D
I made a loop of the chords of the thrill is gone and did a little improv over them, Great fun!
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