Rock it! 🎶🎸
Smells like teen spirit - Nirvana
10pm and I cant put the guitar down even if Im not even focused on practicing or whatever xD My neighbours must hate me at the moment as Im playing a bit loud xD Just a quick video anyway!
Inspired by the lesson on the twelve bar blues and a healthy amount of nostalgia, I wrote this piece a while back and finally got a demo version out. Hope y'all enjoy!
I wanted to try and start engaging with the site a bit more, rather than silently watching the videos and never participating. What better way to start off than with a little bit of me playing?
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Hello guys! It's an honor for me to share with y'all my first-ever guitar cover! I still have a lot to learn but I am happy with the result 😋 Let me know what you think, any feedback is appreciated!
I was fiddling with a new and mellower lead tone, and it's versatility struck me. During trying times, I often find myself gravitating to this song, a Bon Jovi classic from 1995, the title track from the album These Days. These Days, indeed. Corona quarantine. This is another one-take wonder, and it comes at like 3am after a long day. The leads are all improvised, with mixed results, but it's real. All one preset on the AxeFX, though I do kick on a little extra gain for the outro solo.


Wrote the guitar,vocals,bass. Thanks to anyone who checks it out. Keep rocking. And remember corona virus aint so bad with a little salt and lime. ROCK ON.
A clip from our first show.
this is a clip from my bands first show last night. it was a great experience. 10/10 would totally do again
Geoff Fleming on vocals and keyboard. Dustin stevens on guitar.
I had learn the alternate picking etude up to full speed and then I realized when I went to go relearn it again I didn't learn it right. So this is me workin...
Riff Challenge - Paul Gilbert "Vibrato"
Okay, today’s metalminute is also a part of the #synystergatesschool riff challenge. I was challenged by @idssdi to step outside my straight rock box and learn something with GROOVE. He assigned me “Vibrato” by the inimitable @paulgilbert_official. The notes are simple. The groove, not so much. Star