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I'm pretty out of.oractice with the palm mutt stuff so I occasionally mess up there and the solo is deceivingly hard to do timing wise so that's not really perfect either 😅
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Been posting these A7X covers on my instagram lately so might as well share them here to right?
Soo, I haven't uploaded something in a while, since before the holidays I think. So here is something I learned a couple of weeks ago, the solo to the classic More Than A Feeling by Boston. I feel like my soloing is getting a bit more fluent lately, it is something I'm still working on a lot, getting more fluidity with melodic lines, and get more feel into the bends and long notes. But I think a lot of that just comes with enough time, practice and confidence.
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Hello everyone, Papa Gat s lessons of scale mods helped me a lot, with the help of them I wrote a solo for our song !! and even shot a video))) thanks for the school !!!
I gave the solos in comfortably numb a go. It's not note for note perfect but close enough 😅 Don't mind the shitty out of tune bend I did, there's a reason I cut that out on instagram 🤣🤣
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Do you know the song? I'm now learning to play afterlife :) So hard :') https://www.facebook.com/ngengallaymusic/videos/1268205726861096
Rocking in Myanmar!!!!!
This was at water festival in Myanmar, do you recognize the song?
Hi everyone!! We are The Royals (starter rock band) from Myanmar. This is our very first cover. Our favorite band The Used's I caught fire. We put alot of effort
Playing all guitars over a backing track. Using a 2014 Gibson Flying V through a Fractal Axe-Fx 2 XL+
2 years after I performed it for the first time, I managed to bring out the song with a live band! It was magical :) At this point, I was using a Synyster Special, modded with a Sustainiac.
Another throwback to 2014 with my Syn Custom-S white w/ black stripes! It was my first time performing in front of thousands and it was sort of last minute and kind of impromptu but it was a great experience nonetheless :)
I can play this a little smoother now. But, this is one of my favorites.
Got this awesome schecter a while back, finally got around to fixing the switch so set this thing up to be my doom guitar in C# standard with not even slinky strings (bit harder to hit those pinches it seems). Recorded through hearing aid so sry for shit quality lol
First time using Whammy Equipment: -Gopro Hero4 Silver -Line 6 HD POD 500X -Studio One Thanks for watching! Instagram: @alealgaraa facebook.com/brizzmusic
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