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Rock it! ūüé∂ūüéł
Been working on it during the week. I would say the faster parts in the middle of the solo sound a bit cleaner than in the first video. I'm definitely feeling more confident playing these parts. Btw, I didn't tune the guitar before recording and it's a bit out of tune, sorry about that, but I didn't have time to make a new video and I pretty much liked the take. Anyway, there's still some work to do...
Spending quality time with my acoustic and I think that Jimmy Page's acoustic work is underappreciated. I'm still working on the transition between the first and second part, so I paused the video. That's why there's a skip. I've come a long way in 2 days.
Sounds better than it did a few weeks ago believe it or not. Lol. Any tips appreciated. I'll be gradually working the thumb pick in. I tried it today but it frustrated me.
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Haven't been around lately, I'm sorry...but I'm back now. I thought it was a good idea to track my progress on this solo. I'm taking it as a long term project because it's soooo fast that is hard for me to follow, and I need to work on my technique separately, otherwise I get stuck like at 80% and can't speed up. I started some months ago and I come and go, practice for a period, then kind of quit, then go back to it and so and so. Started at a very slow speed and have been speeding up little by little during these months in the hope that I would eventually be able to reach 100%. Here you can see my suffering trying to follow 100%. I know some parts need putting the metronome down and cleaning up. That's why I wanted to share with y'all and I'll be posting here my progress
I am working on building a setlist of songs that I can play anytime, this is the first on the list. This is an audio I recorded during my practice, it's full of mistakes and embarrassing little bits but the point is to document my progress and slowly clean and polish my performances. The current state on this song is: learned. Next step is to work on the vocal performance.
Trying to get my alternate picking in shape by practicing one of my favorite riffs to play.
Hi I posted here a few days ago asking for Green Day suggestions and got a lot of great ones I'm working through, started with this one (special thanks to Lindsey, Kim and Ari for suggesting this) and decided to film a cover for it :) Any feedback is more than welcome thank you!
I really like this song. I learned this solo a while ago, and now I'm posting it to keep the ball rolling. I would gladly accept criticism.
I bluffed part of the solo but here's me playing sweet child o mine. Feedback is very much appreciated!
Not sure if this is rock or not, but I'm putting it here. A few mistakes and I'm not at finger picking or speed stages yet but it's coming along. I was feeling camera shy, hence the mask.
I'm pretty out of.oractice with the palm mutt stuff so I occasionally mess up there and the solo is deceivingly hard to do timing wise so that's not really perfect either ūüėÖ
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Been posting these A7X covers on my instagram lately so might as well share them here to right?
Soo, I haven't uploaded something in a while, since before the holidays I think. So here is something I learned a couple of weeks ago, the solo to the classic More Than A Feeling by Boston. I feel like my soloing is getting a bit more fluent lately, it is something I'm still working on a lot, getting more fluidity with melodic lines, and get more feel into the bends and long notes. But I think a lot of that just comes with enough time, practice and confidence.