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In this video im doing de same thing that i do on the last two videos but this time on the left side of the circle of fifhts. There are more mistakes but i will keep working on this excecise
The second video that I make doing my arpeggios-improvisation etude. This is the firts time that I modulate trough all the keys on the right side of the circle of fifhts. These days I´ve been working on the left side keys of the circle of fifhts so the next video will be practicing those
What Im trying to do here is to improvise playing arpeggios trying to play a different arpeggio on every beat and using the 7 positions. I start in the key of C major and I modulate to the key of G major and then to D major(following the circle of fifhts). The tempo is at 40 bpm and im working on feeling comfortable using the key of A major and E major to add them to the excercise
This reminds me of animals as leaders style, the combination between the maj7 arpeggios with half-diminished arpeggios
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This is "Alternate Picking Lesson 4" by Elefent Music on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
This is "Alternate Picking Lesson 4" by Elefent Music on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
I can’t give you anything but love - Etude
Here’s an etude I wrote over one chorus of an old standard. The goal of this etude was to try to write lines that were breaking out of the fretboard shapes I felt too stuck in, to focus on triplets, focus on altered lines/tritone substitutions, and to try get any bebopish phrasing that I hopefully may have absorbed from listening to Charlie Parker that month. There’s a video of Syn improvising over the same standard on Instagram. Here’s the tab. Follow me on Instagram too! https://www.soundslice.com/slices/SdgVc/?from=search
It took me a while to make this video,but here it is. I finally know the arpeggios within every position of the major scale but I still have a lot to learn and practice about arpeggios
One more day! At this point I feel that i'm starting to really know were are the arpeggios that I want to play and I think that my improvisation while thinking on what arpeggios play is getting more smoth. I think that the melodies that I play on this video are less shitier that the other videos so there are some improvements on this aspect tooXD
One more position!! This time I added the fifht position and I played some chromaticisms here and there
I have been doing this exercise really slowly (80 bpm) because I don't feel like it's good enough to go faster. Don't know if this is the right place to post this, but does anybody have some tips on how to improve on this exercise or have some others of this kind that could help?
I finally added the fourth position to my arpeggios-improvisation exercises. It still sounds really sloppy but I came out whith some cool melodies
This day I added the thirth position to improvise with. At this point I feel that my melodies are getting smoother because I know better were are the arpeggios that I need to play and I change between arpeggios more confidently but my playing is still really sloppy.
Not sure if this is the right spot for this... But tried to do the C Major Scale with a metronome. I’m a beginner, so I think the speed is only at 100bpm. (I can definitely play it faster, but I’m not used to the metronome still) Google has a free one I’ve been using. Hope I did alright!
So my current goal is to really know the major scale(and the modes consecuently). To do that I´m going to learn every single arpeggio within the scale(as PG teach on lessons 50 and 51) and then I´m going to improvise over a backing track and every single time that the chord changes I will try to play one of the notes that build up that chord. The baking track that I chose is in G major and I will improvise over it on every video of this etudes to make easier to compare any kind of improvement. I started whith just one position of the scale and I will add one more position on every video. One last thing I want mention: I am constantly looking at the screen of the laptop because I did´t memoriced the chord of the backing track yet XD
Little practice just for fun; it was inspired by Spring time, I thought “What would Spring sound like if it was a progression?”
Aaand third video for today lol. Listening to @[22747:@Chris Johnston] advice and focusing on a fluid sweep motion. It's not like I picked the notes before, but my pick got stuck between the strings so it seemed more picked than sweeped. So working on that. Still not perfect but it's just a lot to pay attention to at the time. I'll keep working on it.
As I mentioned since I started to pay more attention to my sweeping technique I had to decrease the tempo a lot to focus on hand synchronisation. And as @[223:@Millie Imber] and @[5735:@Cedric L] suggested I therefore learned the intro sweeps from Not Ready To Die by A7x. My main focus here was hand relaxation, a more loose grip and tilting the pick.
Back to the basics. Playing to a metronome, technique practice. I feel like my hand synchronisation gets better but I have problems adjusting to a metronome. That one bit where I got really fast was me being really relaxed and realizing I could go faster there. Also first time I focused on a six string sweep. Still pretty rough.
Played over the D-C-G-F progression as PG suggested but to spice it up I changed position on every e string and also played it twice to get even more positions of the pentatonic scales in there. Played to a metronome as suggested in Syn's Tips too
Still not comfortable doing improvs, but I think I had some nice moments in there. This time without backing track to switch it up a bit more. Also focusing again on using embellishments to make it more interesting.
So here's me showing you one of my favorite Metallica licks and breaking it down. It's taken from the song "My Apocalypse" and has some interesting things going on. In fact it's so tricky that Kirk Hammett stated he needs to practice it a lot so he won't mess it up live. Hope you enjoy and I would love to see you try it!
Some time ago I created a sweep exercised based around the Am pentatonic scale. As @[223:@Millie Imber] took my advice and is attempting to write her own licks and improve her sweeping I made this short video about my sweep exercise.