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Little sneak peak here. Wrote this one for an instrumental I am working on . This lick is inspired by Syn's "all around the world" pentatonics.
Picking hand exercise/warm up
This is a simple exercise I liked that I wanted to share. A while ago I uploaded a video of my alternate picking with the intent of improving it. I forgot about this to be honest, I can't find the post back. It does feel natural how I pick here now. I can't tell if the movement is too large because it alternate strings. Here are the tabs for the exercise:
Came up with this exercise based on an A minor pentatonic arpeggio starting on the twelth fret. Then I shifted it down the neck and go up chromaticly. I know my faster sweeps are a bit sloppy, which is why I played it slower at the end. Gotta start using a metronome and work on cleaning up my up sweeps.
Made a mini video where I covered the slide licks @[477:@Ids Schiere] just taught in his lesson video. Also standing up for Jak! lol
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Not my best demonstration, but still an exercise I hope some will find helpful! Particularly good for the left hand, this focuses on hammer-ons and pull-offs that you can add to your solos to make them sound cool without too much work! Just... don't do what I do and rush to try and get it perfect, because otherwise it'll end up really sloppy like how I do it in the video. Really need to work on these once I put the NRtD intro to rest for a bit lol
Shit's not gonna keep me from practicing! Or uploading. Had to upload it from my phone cuz my graphics card on my PC broke. Next up will be an original Intro I composed for a song of which I'm pretty proud of.
Here's a little speed picking exercise that you can add into your warm-ups to help improve with alternate picking, strength in your 3rd and 4th fingers, or just switching notes and strings! The notes are 10-7-9-10-9-7, and this is played on every string, going down. You could also go up if you wish, I didn't think of that until right now as I post this, lol. You can also probably adapt it for a pull off/hammer on exercise, but that's up to you! I hope this is able to help! \m/
First time connecting positions in a natural scale. Way harder than pentatonic stuff. Also totally new key for me. Figured all out by myself. The CAGED lessons, Syn's Tips and my man @[22747:@Chris Johnston] helped massively!

Practicing stuff

Hi litle practice on arpeggios . Sorry, i am stil practicing that stuff, so thats not clean. If you want, just ask, i can tab it and send it! Peace :)
@[5:@Jak Angelescu] and @[1427:@Ed Seith] took me a while to get it down but your tips helped me a lot! I actually believe it wasn't the top strings ringing out but my picking hand palm creating a harmonic-ish sound when playing. But I could correct that by adjusting my fretting hand like you guys suggested.
Been practicing a new technique which goes down-down-down-up-down. Got that one from Matt Heafy from one of his streams. But I get a lot of unwanted string noise. Maybe @[5:@Jak Angelescu] or @[1427:@Ed Seith] know what's going on?? I'm normally really cautious about my muting but something isn't right!
As a follow up to my asking for advice on string noise, I made an exercise to help with string muting using basic sweep picking. I can kill 2 birds with 1 st...
It might not look like much but I put a lot of thought in those short runs. So - from my understanding - that's the theory behind it. I created a I-VI-V progression in C, using the chords C, Am and G, then I end on C. I connect those chords with either an arpeggio or a little pentatonic run. Really tried connecting the positions and use arpeggios this time. Thanks to @[22747:@Chris Johnston] for helping me understand the theory behind it all!
This is part 2 of my favourite guitar warm up exercises! This video focuses on finger independence & hand synchronization, as well as learning the fretboard ...
This is part 1 of my favourite guitar warm up exercises! This video focuses on rhythm & accuracy, I also walk you through proper stretching of the hand muscl...
I listened to Jak's Advice and moved on with the lessons. I combined the C chord in its different shapes with positions of the C pentatonic scale. It's not perfect yet, Chords still giving me trouble but it's a good exercise. Also the first of a couple I might do. I did play the Chord an octave higher because I don't like the open pentatonic position, so I played the octave instead.
This is a little lick I put together for your guys. Hope you enjoy it and you can add it to your guitar toolkit!
A few days ago I posted a cover of me playing the solo from Girl I Know and it got a lot of positive feedback, thanks so much for that! I wrote a short lick that was inspired by that solo and I wanted to share it with all of you. I hope it might give you one more tool to put in your guitar tool kit!
This lick is basically 3 alternate picking ideas/sequences all rolled into one big, goofy lick! TABS:

Shred Stew!!

Looking to combine alternate and sweep picking licks? Maybe even a random tap thrown in for good measure? Look no further! Tabs are in the video and also on ...
Spice up your alternate picking with this Outside picking-focused lick! With a little neoclassical flavor to to help it stand on its own, this lick is certai...