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Ailee and all others, do yo thang!
This is the final composition demo for the Collab Verse 1. Includes the work of @[34751:@Christian J.S. Schulze Aguiar] @[12831:@Adin Shepherd] as well as mine.
I took @[398:@Filip Tomiša] and @[477:@Ids Schiere] advice and added a section to the solo to a) have the end melody not come out of nowhere and b) have the slow tapping repeated three times before it goes into the fast part.
Here is my take on the collab solo after practicing it for a while. Is it clean enough, does it fit the track well? @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga] @[398:@Filip Tomiša] @[477:@Ids Schiere] I also have the files without the backing track should we decide on this to be the final version! \m/
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Here's my solo for the collab. Synching audio is still a bit of a struggle and may have gone slight SRV somewhere in the middle.
Split video and audio recording to try and improve both. Also took in Calvin's suggestions for the rhythm and tail of the it.
I played around with some ideas and came up with this. This is my first test how it would sound up to speed to the backing track. I haven't practiced it enough yet, so there are a lot of hiccups and some wrong notes. But I have a good idea on how this might sound like once more polished. What do you guys think? @[398:@Filip Tomiša]
Brown, mid gain. Would you be able to let me know which of these two is better for the collab please ?
Firstly, sorry for the delay 😊 I decided to do the blues verse as it hadn't been done by many, I came up with an original part taking some inspiration from whay Ids had put together. Hope you like it.
Used phone instead of web cam. Apparently my phone mirrors the image.. odd.. I'll have to work on that next, but at least there is no clipping and it's clearer and yes it's like the worse angle to do it at coz I was trying to do it quickly whilst i had time.
I'm accepting the challenge of @[513:@Calvin Phillips] and posting my rhythm again. Papa Gates noted that my other video was slightly out of time, I was rushing a little bit and gave some advice. So, again, thank you very much @[11:@Brian Haner Sr.] for your advice. This time I tried to really get the groove and let the notes breathe. And thanks again too to @[42619:@Aileé Guerra Aréizaga] for doing this.
Hey guys ! Sorry for being inactive for so long, I had quite a lot of things to do in the past weeks. Here is my VERY rough draft for the rythm guitar. I am a bit sick (not from the virus) and rythm is not my greatest strength, but I thought showing my progress would be cool. I'd love to hear your comments.