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Student Teacher Takes

This is strictly for those students who wish to become teachers on the school. Only place a riff here of SERIOUS contribution to showcase your teaching skills. And ONLY do so if you have been approved by me. All others will be deleted.
CAGED system sweeping approach (re-post)
Hi guys, this is my second upload of the same video I posted before. The last 50 seconds appeared to freeze! Anyway, hope you enjoy the lesson. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask :) Also, I have pretty bad frets. They are stupidly flat which affects the high E string. Apologies. Will sort it when out of lockdown. Cheers
I think I'm allowed to post here(If not I'm sorry @[5:@Jak Angelescu]). Basicslly, I've been using a lot of slides as inflection lately so as my trial student teacher thing I figured I'd teach two licks I'd typically would do(there are some variations to it but I just took kind of the basic ones). I'm not that good at video editing(this is literally the first time I've done it) so I apologise if it's not very good 😅