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This is an in-depth lesson on how to find & remember all of the notes on your Guitar - the easiest way! The lesson also shows you how to apply the knowledge to Jam in any key. Enjoy!
As if you needed help with the lyrics for this epic song. This was for shits and giggles.
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Second to last harmony analysis for a while. It's no one knows by Queens Of the Stone age. Marty schwarz has a pretty good tutorial on it in case anyone is interested in learning it.
I hope it helps some. Was reading earlier today that people were having trouble with it. May have gone a bit off track, I could do the video again. I just recently started learning the CAGED System since I joined (4-5 months ago) I learned the shaped a long time ago, but I didn't know what to do with it. I was more interested in learning my favorite songs. I left a lot out, if it's wrong please say so and I'll remove it. I don't want to impede on peoples learning. I still need to learn more about the scales and arpeggios, when I was going over the lessons I saw combinations I couldn't think of. Thanks PG, Syn and the rest of the Music cummunity! maybe should have posted it somewhere else?
I made a lesson on how I construct my solos because I kinda felt like it😅
I've been wanting to make this for a while because I feel like there's lots of focus on shredding and playing fast which means these are overlooked a lot. It's effectively giving some example and the difference in your playing it makes when you add Inflections to your melodies
Since I was a week behind I figured I'd do two on one day. I'm not sure whether I'm making a tutorial for this one because all the chords you need are in this video already but if you would like me to make a separate tutorial just let me know.
It's a bit messy so please ask questions if anything isn't clear
This is a short video explaining how to access different colour tones when playing over a static chord, specifically using Arpeggios! Backing chord track cre...
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