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Are you eager to teach like Papa Gates and Synyster Gates? Post your tutorials here!
Since I was a week behind I figured I'd do two on one day. I'm not sure whether I'm making a tutorial for this one because all the chords you need are in this video already but if you would like me to make a separate tutorial just let me know.
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It's a bit messy so please ask questions if anything isn't clear
This is a short video explaining how to access different colour tones when playing over a static chord, specifically using Arpeggios! Backing chord track cre...
I made a tutorial for the solo in 21 Guns by greenday, This is great solo for beginners to learn!
Here's the analysis for the harmony in all along the watchtower. I'm behind by a week so I guess you're getting 3 of these in the coming 7 days.
A video lesson for this short solo. It captures all the best elements of Al Di Meola's electric lead style in microcosm. The camera should be close enough fo...
This video is made for students of the Synyster Gates Guitar School, but any guitarist can benefit from it. I demonstrate how economy picking can be practiced by playing the intro to the song Hail To The King. Although the lead guitar beyond the intro to this song is not technically economy picking, it is going to teach you the fundamentals of great picking technique. Then you can apply this to all of your playing. Once you get the basic technique down, challenge yourself to learn the intro to this song.
Here's a quick Minor 2-5-1 hack that I like to use, for all the jazz guys on here You basically play a Major arpeggio from the b5 of the ii chord, the b5 of the V chord, and the b7 of the i chord. Enjoy!
A tutorial for the riffs of R U mine by the Arctic Monkeys. I included all the variations as well.
CAGED system sweeping approach (re-post)
Hi guys, this is my second upload of the same video I posted before. The last 50 seconds appeared to freeze! Anyway, hope you enjoy the lesson. If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to ask :) Also, I have pretty bad frets. They are stupidly flat which affects the high E string. Apologies. Will sort it when out of lockdown. Cheers
I think I'm allowed to post here(If not I'm sorry @[5:@Jak Angelescu]). Basicslly, I've been using a lot of slides as inflection lately so as my trial student teacher thing I figured I'd teach two licks I'd typically would do(there are some variations to it but I just took kind of the basic ones). I'm not that good at video editing(this is literally the first time I've done it) so I apologise if it's not very good 😅
Breakdown of Syn's flawless sweep picking technique and how he does it. Hope this helps some of you who struggle with sweeping or picking in general.
Tutorial on dive bombs and natural harmonics
Here is my participation to the riff section challenge! I chose to make a kind of tutorial and synthesis about what I learned from doing dive bombs without a Floyd Rose. I hope that you will like it!