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CJ's 2 Cents-Lesson 4 How to hold the pick

Whaddup fam, as @Jak Angelescu told us, we should demonstrate what we got from the lessons. So therefore I am making this a little series of giving my 2 Cents.

P.S: Apologies for the background noise...noisy neighbour's....Also I meant fingers nor hands XD.
Thank you so much for posting this CJ ! As others pointed out, you would be an awesome teacher ! Everything you said was super clear and concise !
I myself need to work on this. I hold my pick correctly most of the time but sometimes my fingers dangle and I can tell a difference when that happens depending on what I’m playing. I also used to anchor my pink for everything ! Jak used to get me big time for that lol. So I’m glad I wasn’t the only one doing that !
I also thing it’s good to experiment with picks. We have a few different types and I still play around with them but have kind of narrowed it down to what I like. But I use different picks for different things. I wish I could find one that felt good for all the things I want to do lol
Thank you so much! Im gonna work on becoming a better teacher! Regarding picks...go for variety dunlop has a bunch of thoose. I am sure you will find one that will suit you! Even though it may take some time..(I got a some picks coming to me this week to keep looking!)
you’re already a good teacher CJ ! Don’t sell yourself short. I myself am a slow learner, but I understood perfectly everything you said and demonstrated !

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